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ICE-O-LATOR | CBD 40% THC < 0.2% - IceOlator - Legal Hashish Ice O Lator

ICE-O-LATOR | CBD 40% THC < 0.2% - IceOlator - Legal Hashish Ice O Lator

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How Does Ice-O-Lator Work?

The ice or lator extraction process is based on the use of cold water and ice to separate the trichomes from light cannabis plants. The resin glands present in the inflorescences of hemp sativa, which contain cannabinoids and terpenes, are detached from the plant matter by stirring in ice water. Next, the mixture is filtered through sieves and bags of various micron sizes to collect the pure resin. This method is known to produce high CBD hash, free from potentially dangerous chemical residues.

The History of Ice O Lator CBD

The ice-o-lator is a relatively recent technique in the world of cannabis, born in the Netherlands in the 1990s. Mila Jensen of Pollinator Company is considered one of the pioneers of this extraction method. The idea of ​​using water and ice to extract resin quickly spread, becoming one of the most popular methods for producing high-quality legal hash and hash. Ice-o-lator – is the result of the cold extraction of resin from flowers and leaves and the term derives from the name of the machine invented by Jensen.

Why Choose Ice-O-Lator Hash?

The popularity of legal ice-o-lator hash lies in its ability to produce a very pure and potent extract, with a high concentration of CBD and without the use of chemical solvents. This method is appreciated by consumers who are looking for a natural product free from residues such as dust particles. Furthermore, ice or lator allows you to obtain a very high quality resin, with a high concentration of cannabinoids.

Ice O Lator CBD: Extraction Process

The extraction technique involved in ice o lator begins with the harvesting of cannabis plants, preferably fresh or frozen. The plants are then placed in a container with water and ice, where they are shaken to loosen the trichomes from the plant matter. The mixture is then filtered through a series of pockets of various micron sizes to drain the water and collect the pure resin. The most common bags are those of 73 and 45 microns, which retain the finest and most precious particles of resin, but 120 micron bags are also used for this process.

The Role of Resin in Ice O Lator

Resin is the key component of ice or lator . It is mainly composed of trichomes, the resin glands that form on hemp plants and which contain most of the cannabinoids and terpenes. The extraction of the resin via ice or lator allows us to obtain one of the purest final products around, with a high content of THC and CBD, making it one of the most sought after types of hashish on the market.

The Importance of Pockets in Mining

The bags used in the ice or lator extraction process are essential to obtaining pure, high-quality resin. Each bag has a different micron size, which allows you to filter the resin particles based on their size. The larger pockets retain the plant particles of the hemp biomass, while the smaller ones collect the finest and most precious resin. This multiple filtration process guarantees a final product of the highest quality.

The Quality of Hashish Obtained with Ice-O-Lator

Hash obtained using the ice or lator method is known for its purity and potency. Thanks to the cold extraction technique, a product free of chemical residues and highly concentrated in cannabinoids is obtained. This type of hash has a shiny appearance and a creamy texture, a shiny brown color on the outside with a rich and complex flavor profile that can range from sweet and earthy notes to a strong spicy scent with a hint of incense.

Ice-O-Lator in the Legal Hashish Market

In the legal hashish market, ice-o-lator has gained considerable popularity due to its purity and superior quality. Many consumers prefer hash extracted using this method due to its potency and lack of chemical residues. Additionally, ice or lator hash is often used to produce other cannabis sativa products, such as oils, edibles, and concentrates.

Differences between IceOLator and Other Mining Methods

Compared to other extraction methods, such as the use of chemical solvents, the ice-o-lator offers numerous advantages. First of all, extraction under ice water is a more natural and safe method, which avoids the use of potentially dangerous chemicals. Additionally, hash made from ice or lator is generally purer and more potent, with a richer and more complex terpene profile. This makes ice-o-lator a favorite choice among both consumers and hash makers.

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