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BURBUKA HASHISH | CBD 40% THC < 0.2% - Legal Hemp Hash

BURBUKA HASHISH | CBD 40% THC < 0.2% - Legal Hemp Hash

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Legal Hashish Burbuka Light is a variety of hashish rich in CBD and with low THC values. Moroccan Hash Burbuka is, together with Charas, one of the most popular extracts of the Cannabis plant.

Burbuka CBD Hash

Burbuka is one of the most appreciated and sought after hashish varieties by cannabis lovers. Also known as Moroccan hash, this product stands out for its smooth texture and high CBD content.

What is Burbuka Light Hash?

Burbuka is one of the Moroccan type hashes most requested by lovers of the world of legal marijuana, and it is one of the most used substances since ancient times. This legal hashish extracted from the light hemp plant is very similar to that of Moroccan origin and rich in THC. Its light version is characterized by a high CBD content, which makes it highly appreciated by users looking for a relaxing experience without the psychoactive effects associated with THC.

Production of Burbuka

The production of burbuka differs in its particular methodology which makes this product unique compared to other types of hashish. There are two methods for harvesting this black hash from cannabis sativa. The collected material is reduced to powder and subsequently processed until a paste with the typical burbuka shape is obtained. This process, followed by the organic specification, ensures the quality and authenticity of the final product.

Burbuka vs. The Other Extracts from the Varied World of Moroccan Hash

Burbuka represents the Moroccan type hashish par excellence, but differs greatly from other Moroccan hashish due to several factors. The Moroccan burbuka is famous for its very dark color which makes the brown almost black. The external part is hard and full-bodied, while the internal part is obviously lighter but always remains quite dark compared to other types of hashish. Its soft and tender heart is thanks to the very high quality resin from which it is extracted. The consistency together with the flavor are the peculiarities of this legal hashish which make it among the best ever. Among the various types of hashish in circulation, burbuka represents a certainty and has always been one of the most famous and appreciated hashes in the world. Furthermore, the amount of CBD in this hash is very high while the percentage of THC is at moderate levels, making burbuka more accessible to users who prefer to avoid too intense psychoactive effects. Its unique characteristics make it one of the most appreciated hashish qualities together with Charas in the legal marijuana panorama.

Burbuka popularity

Burbuka is considered one of the best hashes around, and is one of the most requested varieties by lovers of the world of light cannabis. Its soft but at the same time resistant consistency, together with its characteristic aroma with strong earthy notes, make it a unique product of its kind. Its popularity comes precisely from its unmistakable aroma and continues to grow thanks to its quality and therapeutic properties.

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