What is the quickest way to enjoy the effects of CBD?

Qual è Il modo più rapido per godere degli effetti del CBD?

What is the quickest way to enjoy the effects of CBD?

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The effects of CBD can manifest themselves in different periods of time, ranging from 5 minutes to an hour (or more) after intake, and this depends above all on the method of administration.

Regarding CBD, there are various factors that determine the timing in which the effects appear and their duration: the main ones are the method of administration and the dosage. These variables affect when the subject begins to feel the effects of the cannabinoid (almost immediately as well as one hour after ingestion) and how long these effects last (two hours or more).


The first of the two variables to take into consideration is, therefore, the method of administration. In fact, there is no single way to introduce CBD into the body, such as the best-known one, smoking it, but there are several, which involve different physiological mechanisms. The metabolic pathway used depending on the chosen administration channel can significantly influence the time of manifestation of the effect , which depends on the speed of absorption.


One of the quickest methods to perceive the effects of the cannabinoid is the most widespread: vaporizing or smoking flowers and extracts rich in CBD. Inhalation allows CBD to enter the bloodstream very quickly, diffusing into the capillaries through the pulmonary alveoli. The calming effects appear within 5-10 minutes, but the effect is rather short, lasting a maximum of 3 hours .


This method is also quite common and allows the cannabinoid to quickly access the bloodstream: it involves placing CBD oil or tinctures directly under the tongue. When CBD oil is poured under the tongue, the mucosa of the mouth immediately absorbs it, allowing the molecule to diffuse into the capillaries under the tongue and thus penetrate the circulatory system. The effects appear within minutes of taking it, and last about 4-6 hours.


Topical application consists in the use of products for external use to be spread on the skin, such as creams or lotions: skin absorption allows the molecules to pass from the epidermis to the underlying blood flow. Absorption times are variable, because they depend on the solubility of the product, its concentration and the condition of the skin.

With topical application the effects appear after a long time, usually after an hour. However, it is an advantageous method because it allows the product to be applied only where needed: CBD interacts with the cannabinoid receptors of the skin cells (keratinocytes), allowing inflammation to be alleviated. Additionally, CBD applied topically appears to have more persistent effects than other methods, offering up to 5 hours of relief .


Oral intake takes even longer in terms of perception of the effects: it takes 30-60 minutes, because the substance must pass through the digestive system and the liver before it can access the bloodstream. The duration of the effect can vary depending on the product and its concentration, but is generally around 4-6 hours . Here we talk about the difference in effects between oral intake and smoking.

CBD can be taken orally through different products, from oils to drinks, and also includes cakes, desserts, smoothies, etc. An advantage lies in the fact that it can be taken orally anywhere and at any time, in a simple and discreet way.

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