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Gorilla Special Hash H4CBD 50% | Hashish di Canapa | Resina di Cannabis 50% H4CBD, 10% CBD, THC < 0.2%, HHC 0%

Gorilla Special Hash H4CBD 50% | Hashish di Canapa | Resina di Cannabis 50% H4CBD, 10% CBD, THC < 0.2%, HHC 0%

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Special H4 CBD Hash 50%: An Innovative and Powerful Sensory Experience that will make your imagination fruit :)

The world of cannabis is constantly evolving, and with the arrival of the Special h4CBD Hashish 50%, we are witnessing a revolution in the field of cannabis extracts. H4CBD is a cannabinoid that stands out for its unique composition and beneficial properties, combining innovation and tradition to deliver an unprecedented experience. Special h4CBD Hashish 50% is naturally extracted from the hemp plant, grown in controlled environments such as greenhouses, where every detail, from irrigation to the selection of inflorescences, is taken care of with state-of-the-art technical methods and horticulture. This not only ensures a high quality product but also respects the environment, reducing the ecological impact of production. The choice to practice sustainable agriculture is crucial to preserving biodiversity and ensuring a green future.

Cannabinoid Potency and Unique Composition of Cannabis Light

This variety of hashish is based on an innovative cannabinoid, h4CBD, compared to cbd is enriched with the addition of four hydrogen atoms to the traditional CBD molecule, thus resulting in much more potent and 100 times more effective than standard CBD in binding to CB1 and CB2 receptors. This molecular modification allows h4CBD to emulate some of the effects associated with THC, but without the psychoactive effects associated with its consumption. In the field of legal herb cbd this is a great revolution as the Special H4 CBD Hash, rich in cannabinoids, is an alternative solution to cbd and thc based on cbd and h4cbd as it does not provide the psychoactive effects of thc but very similar remaining legal due to the low content of thc.

H4CBD Hash: Resin Extraction and Purity

H4CBD as opposed to cbd offers powerful effects, made through delicate and respectful extraction techniques, the Special h4CBD Hashish is a dark and soft extract, which retains all the terpenes and other cannabinoids naturally present in the hemp plant. This extract naturally guarantees not only the purity but also the preservation of the original aroma and properties of the hashish charas.

Spiced Skunk Aroma and Fruity Flavor of the H4CBD molecule

The aroma of this velvety h4cbd hashish with tropical notes of the cannabis plant offers a spicy olfactory profile, with fruity notes reminiscent of the kush, charas and skunk variety, typical of Afghan hash. The dry and velvety texture of the dark and soft hash blends with tropical notes, creating a unique and pleasantly complex sensory experience. Gorilla Special H4CBD Hash remains as compact as the classic charas with a dry and velvety flavor with fruity notes but is prepared with h4 cbd distillate so as to keep all terpenes concentrated and of course it is more powerful than cbd.

H4CBD Hash Therapeutic Benefits

Thanks to its powerful concentration, h4CBD is particularly suitable for those seeking relief from conditions such as chronic pain, stress and anxiety. CBD, known for its relaxing effects and without psychotropic effects, in this enhanced formulation, offers a number of benefits that help for example reduce inflammation, help in sleep management, minimizing side effects such as excessive sleepiness. Scientific studies on this cannabinoid are evolving and is not intended to treat diseases so our company raises any responsibility for improper use.

Safety and Legality of Hashish H4CBD

A completely legal and safe product, this hashish strictly adheres to current legal cannabis regulations. Each batch is subjected to scrupulous laboratory analysis to ensure its quality and compliance with THC content, always remaining within the limits allowed for sale without a prescription. We remind you that the product is sold for Research and Development and Ornamental purposes, therefore inhalation is not recommended even if there are products on the market as a practical pre roll, the advice is always to buy only non-sophisticated h4cbd products.

Recommendations for use after I purchased this product

For those who are new to H4CBD consumption, it is advisable to start with moderate doses to assess the individual reaction. It is always prudent to consult a doctor before starting any new treatment with cannabinoids, especially in the presence of pre-existing conditions. Assured that you can use it in safe conditions, it is recommended to handle it with care and heat it in your hands to make the hash soft and compact.

Buy H4CBD: available payment on delivery and by card

Buying H4CBD is easy on the MamaMary website. The Gorilla Special h4CBD Hashish 50% is available for purchase through the site and app. Consumers can opt for both card payment and delivery.


The innovative Gorilla Special h4CBD 50% represents a qualitative leap into the world of legal cannabis. With its powerful formulation, intriguing aroma and therapeutic benefits, it offers a unique experience for those looking for an effective product but without psychoactive effects. These Cannabis Sativa and H4CBD Inflorescence products represent the latest innovation in the field of cannabidiol and we recommend everyone to try this extraordinary hashish, a true pioneer in its field. Immerse yourself in the epicenter of euphoria with MamaMary and enjoy relaxation with Gorilla Special H4 CBD.
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