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Purple Cheese - Cannabis Light | CBD <20% THC < 0.2%

Purple Cheese - Cannabis Light | CBD <20% THC < 0.2%

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What is Purple Cheese? Let's discover this variety of cannabis together

Purple Cheese is an indica-dominant hybrid light cannabis strain that combines the characteristics of the famous Blue Cheese with Purple genetics. This combination results in a marijuana plant that features vibrantly colored flowers and a distinctive aroma.

What are the characteristics of Purple Cheese Genetics?

Distinctive characteristics of Purple Cheese include its purplish color, which develops especially when the plant is exposed to colder nighttime temperatures. Furthermore, this legal strain is known for its intense aroma and cheesy flavor with fruity and earthy notes. The plant is compact and resists indoor cultivation well, producing dense and resinous buds.

How to grow Purple Cheese? From Seed to Plant

Growing Purple Cheese is relatively simple and suitable for both experienced and novice growers. It is possible to grow it from marijuana seeds both indoors and outdoors, but indoor conditions allow for greater control over temperature and humidity, which are crucial factors for achieving the best results with cheese strains.

Purple inflorescences and cheese scent; How does this purple variety behave in the flowering period?

The flowering period of Purple Cheese is approximately 8-10 weeks from the moment the first leaves emerge from the cannabis sativa seeds. During this phase, it is important to maintain optimal growing conditions to encourage the development of dense, resin-rich flowers. The plant tends to remain quite compact, with an average height of 50-80cm, making it ideal for indoor growing. Once flowering has occurred, Purple Cheese can develop abundant and full-bodied inflorescences, rich in cannabinoids and very fragrant trichomes on each bud.

What are the aromatic and gustatory properties of Purple Cheese?

Purple Cheese's flavor profile is complex and unique and much loved by cannabis enthusiasts around the world. The aroma combines notes of intense cheese with fruity nuances of grape and blueberry, giving a sweet and earthy flavor to the smoke. These aromatic characteristics arise from the plant's rich terpene profile, which includes terpenes such as myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene.

Additional Information and Potential Benefits of CBD

The presence of CBD in Purple Cheese contributes to a balanced effect with potential benefits. CBD is being studied by the scientific community for its anti-inflammatory properties, analgesic and anti-anxiety effects. The research is still ongoing and we await results and confirmations regarding the properties of this cannabinoid.

Delivery and shipping details

Buying Purple Cheese is simple and convenient. Many suppliers, including MamaMary offer fast and secure shipping directly from our online shop. It is important to check the delivery details before making your purchase to ensure that the products arrive in perfect condition and promptly.


Purple Cheese is an exceptional cannabis strain, prized for its ease of cultivation, its unique flavor profile and its potential to enhance personal well-being. MamaMary flowers are individually selected from high-quality plants to guarantee you the best choice of Purple Cheese you have ever tried. With us, quality is guaranteed for a weed experience that you will not easily forget.

Flavor legend:

Acidity: 🍋🍋 🍋🍋/5

Sweetness: 🍪/5

Fruity: 🍓/5

Pinoso: 🌲🌲🌲🌲/5

Body: 🪴🪴🪴🪴🪴/5

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