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Collectible Feminized Cannabis Seeds: Quantalemon THC: 21.00% CBD

Collectible Feminized Cannabis Seeds: Quantalemon THC: 21.00% CBD

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Quantalemon is the result of crossing Super Lemon Haze Cup winning genetics from San Francisco and the male Capt. Krypt OG.
The combination of these mothers has produced a decidedly stable and balanced result with a slight sativa prevalence which makes us find in this strain all the characteristics of Lemon Haze, that is, large flowers that emit a pungent citric odor with spicy tones.
Usually Haze plants tend to grow quite tall but thanks to the presence of OG the dimensions of the plant resulting from the Quantalemon seed often remain small, making it adaptable to different environments. The inflorescences often take a long time to arrive and explode rapidly in the last weeks of the life cycle, releasing the intoxicating and intense lemon aroma. An unmissable gem of American origin in every collector's bulletin board!

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