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Collectible Feminized Cannabis Seeds: Bazooka Cheese 3 SEEDS THC

Collectible Feminized Cannabis Seeds: Bazooka Cheese 3 SEEDS THC

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Bazooka Cheese is a flagship strain of the Quantamon Seeds collection obtained from the crossing of a classic Skunk and a White Cheese.
This strain was created to satisfy the needs of the most passionate collectors. The female specimens that derive from this seed are decidedly impressive in size and can present themselves with different characteristics depending on the environment in which the seed resides.
Resistant to different climatic temperatures, Bazooka Cheese generates an intense acrid odor, sometimes pungent, with tones of mature cheese typical of Cheese. For some it may seem unpleasant, but if you like it, it is able to maintain a flowering phase of over 10 weeks without requiring the attention of expert growers. These characteristics combined with the results of the breeders have determined the inclusion of this important strain within the Quantamon Seeds collection.

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