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One of the most famous comfort foods is revisited with the addition of a special ingredient, this is how our HEMP PIADINES are born !

If you're tired of traditional piadinas, this hemp flour piadina is definitely for you! The taste of hemp is delicate on the palate and if combined in the right way it is the turning point for your dish: try pairing it with mortadella, with a few slices of burrata and a sprinkling of chopped pistachios, and you will reach heaven😋

The processing of these piadinas is artisanal, without the addition of animal fat, therefore they are TOTALLY VEGETARIAN and Made in Italy , of the highest quality, like all MamaMary products.

Ideal for lunch and dinner or breakfast, thanks to the flavor of hemp it adapts to everyone's tastes: with Nutella it can also become a fantastic dessert. Easy to prepare , quick and tasty ,

Choose the quality and taste of MamaMary food products,


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