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IGrowCan - Indoor and Outdoor Growing Kit Fat Banana Automatic

IGrowCan - Indoor and Outdoor Growing Kit Fat Banana Automatic

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Fat Banana Automatic smells of tropical fruits and produces large, plump cannabis flowers. This strain is the autoflowering version of Fat Banana, an aromatic classic. The original made its mark in the world of cannabis with its crazy scent. Our breeders decided to cross this popular photoperiod strain, a descendant of Banana x OG Kush, with a ruderalis specimen from several generations to create a fast and impressive indica. It is now easier than ever to grow and offers a great yield in record time.

iGrowcan: Complete Kit for Indoor and Outdoor Cultivation

iGrowcan is an innovative indoor growing kit designed to make growing plants easy and accessible to everyone. With this kit, even beginners can start growing their favorite plants easily and safely.

What is iGrowcan and How Does It Work? The Grow kit for Indoor and Outdoor Plants

iGrowcan is a complete growing kit that contains everything you need to grow plants at home. The kit includes a special container, substrate, high-quality seeds and detailed instructions to guide you through every step of the growing process. The idea behind iGrowcan is to simplify the growing process by providing all the tools and information you need in one package.

How iGrowcan works is simple: just open the kit, add water to the substrate and plant the included seeds. The container is designed to provide an optimal environment for plant germination and growth, with an integrated drainage system that prevents the accumulation of excess water. The instructions included in the kit will guide you step by step, from the beginning of germination to harvest.

Contents of the iGrowCan Indoor Outdoor Growing Kit for Growing Cannabis Plants

Inside the iGrowCan package you will find:
Two autoflowering seeds from Royal Queen Seeds of your choice
A germination cap
1.7 liters of coconut compost
High-quality organic nutrients: 10g of BioGrow and 10g of BioBloom
A detailed manual
This comprehensive assortment provides you with everything you need to start growing optimally and safely.

How to Use the iGrowCan Indoor Outdoor Growing Kit

Seed Germination

The first step is to germinate the seeds in the germination cap, which has a preset pH value to ensure the best growing conditions. Insert the seeds into the cap, add a little water and place it in a warm, bright place.

Preparation of the soil

Next, pour the coconut compost into the container provided. Follow the manual instructions to ensure the soil composition is correct. Coconut compost is ideal for growing cannabis, as it retains moisture and ensures good aeration of the roots.

Plant Nutrition

The kit includes essential organic nutrients: BioGrow for the growth phase and BioBloom for the flowering phase. These nutrients provide plants with all the elements they need to grow healthy and robust. Follow the doses indicated in the manual to ensure optimal nutrition.

Cultivation Conditions

Make sure the container is placed in an environment with a temperature between 18 and 28°C and with sufficient light. Autoflowering plants can grow well in both natural light and LED lamps. Thanks to organic nutrients and an adequate quantity of water, plants will have everything they need to develop optimally.

Benefits of iGrowCan

Discretion and Ease of Use

iGrowCan allows you to grow cannabis discreetly. Plants reach a maximum height of 30-60cm, making it easy to find a suitable space both indoors and outdoors. The process is made simple by the detailed instructions included in the kit.

Rapid Growth of Autoflowering Plants

The autoflowering plants included in the kit can be grown from seed to harvest in approximately 10 weeks. This means that in less than three months you will be able to enjoy your harvest of high-quality cannabis.

Indoor and Outdoor Plant Cultivation Experience

Using iGrowCan allows you to gain experience in growing cannabis. By following the instructions and watching the plants grow, you will learn the basics of growing and be ready to handle future projects with greater confidence.

Harvest Your Harvest

After about 10 weeks, the plants will be ready for harvesting. The manual included in the kit will walk you through the final steps to harvest and care for your plants. The satisfaction of seeing your plants grow and enjoying your final harvest is the best reward for your effort.

Where to Place iGrowcan at Home for Professional Cultivation? The importance of lighting

The location of the iGrowcan within the home is a crucial factor for growing success. It's important to choose a location that receives indirect sunlight, such as a windowsill or shelf near a window. Natural light will help plants grow strong and healthy. Avoid placing iGrowcan in areas with too much direct light, as it may overheat the container and damage the plants.

If you don't have access to an adequate natural light source, you can use an LED lamp to provide the necessary lighting. LED lamps are ideal for indoor growing thanks to their low energy consumption and ability to provide a full light spectrum. Place the lamp an appropriate distance from the plants and use a timer to simulate natural light cycles.

The Mini Kit Suitable for Beginners

Absolutely yes! iGrowcan was designed with beginners in mind. The kit includes detailed instructions and all the components needed to start growing without complications. Even if you've never grown plants before, iGrowcan will walk you through every step of the process, from substrate preparation to harvesting.

Furthermore, the kit's intuitive and compact design makes it easy to use and manage. You don't need to have previous experience or expensive equipment. iGrowcan is an accessible and fun way to approach the world of indoor growing.

iGrowcan: The Box for Sustainable Cultivation

iGrowcan is a product that promotes sustainable cultivation. Using this kit, you can grow your own plants at home while reducing your environmental impact. The materials used for the container and substrate are eco-friendly and designed to last over time.

Additionally, growing your own plants allows you to have total control over the process, using sustainable growing practices such as the use of filtered water and natural nutrients. This is not only better for the environment, but also ensures healthier and more nutritious plants.

Why Choose iGrowcan?

iGrowcan is the ideal grow kit for anyone who wants to start growing plants at home. Its ease of use, quality of components and sustainable approach make it an excellent choice for beginners and experts. With iGrowcan, you can enjoy the pleasure of indoor growing without the traditional complications, getting fresh, healthy plants directly to your home.

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