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CBD Mix Premium 50g

CBD Mix Premium 50g

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Plant parts of Cannabis Sativa L. with THC levels within legal limits. Ornamental, horticultural use, for research and development and all uses permitted by law. 242/16 art 2, letter G. Warnings: Do not use during pregnancy, do not ingest, it is not a food or medicinal product. Sale to children under 18 is prohibited, keep out of reach of children. Non-narcotic, it does not produce any psychotropic effects. Non-combustible. Inappropriate use could harm your health. In case of inappropriate use, do not drive. The product is subject to weight loss and may lose color due to photooxidation. Store in a dark, cool, dry place. All references to the benefits of CBD on this site are not intended to provide any health-related advice, but only mention what scientific research has discovered ''Compliant with all relevant Italian and European laws: USA Farm Bill 2018, USDA Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, EU regulation 1307 art. 32, EU regulation 1308 art. 189, EU Directive 98/56/EC, Information note on the cultivation of hemp from the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Law 242/2016, MIPAAF Circular of 8.5.2009, MIPAAF Circular of 22.5.2018, Presidential Decree 309/90 - article 26 DM 9.08.2000.

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