Le migliori genetiche Californiane: 5 varietà che vi faranno sbavare

The best Californian genetics: 5 strains that will make you drool

Since California began the full legalization of Cannabis, research regarding our beloved "alien plant" has had an impressive boost, from cultivation to the most sought-after extracts.

In particular, American growers are benefiting from new tools and know-how, to arrive at the Perfect Plant: the golden mix that includes sophisticated aromatic and terpene profiles with the right combo of THC and CBD. This is how the renowned "Cali Weed" was born, premium herbs with prices reaching up to €30/gram, but with an appearance and taste that are certainly out of the ordinary!

Those crafty Americans also worked on marketing, trying to name the strains with labels that immediately connect to the scents, appearance or effects of the genetics, thus the various ones were born: Gorilla Glue, Gelato , Cookies and co . , have become a cult for more experienced smokers.

Directly from the hands of the most visionary growers, here are the best varieties of the year:

Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue is often referred to as “The Beast of California”, so we had to include it in our seed catalogue. Known throughout the world for its crazy effects and winner of several Cannabis Cups, its flowers are medium and crowned with pistils that make it very orange to the eye and sticky to the touch. It is no coincidence that the CBD content is very high, with a percentage greater than 20%.

This fantastic product comes from the crossing of three equally famous varieties: Chem's Sister, Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel. Its birth was completely random, the first harvest had in fact gone badly and it was thought to throw away the entire genetics when a friend of the breeder who created the genetics, Josey Wales, decided to give the seeds another chance. Since then, Gorilla has won the hearts of everyone who has tried it, becoming one of the most searched for strains on the Gorilla Glue strain site of the 21st century.

The strong point of this indica-based genetics is that it offers therapeutic as well as relaxing effects: it is in fact widely used among those who suffer from PTSD, stress, anxiety or insomnia or for those who suffer from cramps and muscle pain.

Its pinety and fruity taste also makes it perfect for those looking for a balance between flavor and high-level effects. If you are a true breeder, you definitely can't miss it this year!



Leafly named it Strain of the Year in 2018: if we talk about Californian cannabis we can't help but mention Gelato . This hybrid, also known as “Larry Bird Kush”, derives from the crossing of the very famous Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC. Its creator is Mario Guzman, the one who later created the very famous Sherbinskins brand. The genetics from which it originates are cookies, the origins of which we will delve into further later in the blog.

The flavor is a strong point: between biscuity and fruity, it is a very sweet pleasure to try it, and the end-of-meal dessert that everyone would like. The buds that grow from the plant are compact and resinous crossed by orange streaks, with resin crystals that shine on the tips of the flowers, the smell is reminiscent of that of the lemon tree and refreshes every place it occupies.

Its birth comes from the Cookie Fam and its explosion is due to its incredible effects that overwhelm anyone who tries it. It is usually recommended to use in social situations, leaves everyone in a friendly mood, and definitely leaves everyone with a big smile on their face. Its power is given by the high content of THC and CBD which mix together to create a wave of energy and euphoria capable of clearing the head but not weighing down the body.

This strain is confirmed every year to be an incredible source of satisfaction for every breeder so it certainly cannot be missing from your collection.


The Cookies Fam has produced one of the best genetics of the last twenty years, giving it the name of one of the best sweets that ever existed: we are talking about Cookies , the cookie-flavored strain that has driven all its consumers crazy. It is no coincidence that it will be the winner of the 2014 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup for "Best Coffee Shop Strain".

At the beginning the strain was called "GIRL SCOUT COOKIES", a name given to it to refer to its terpene profile which was very reminiscent of the sweet and toasted taste of the biscuit. In fact, it is precisely in terms of taste that it stands out from all its rivals: with their vanilla aroma, they manage to make you experience a vague taste of chocolate biscuits in your mouth that can only win you over as soon as you try it.

This strain is a predominantly indica hybrid that originates from the mix of an OG Kush and a Durban Poison. Highly recommended for muscle relaxation and for cases of body pain, it manages to keep you energetic and functional while relieving stress and relaxing the limbs.

The flowers are small and super compact, with a forest green colour, just like small scented desserts rich in resin and ready to offer an incredible experience to anyone who decides to try them.


For those who demand terpene-filled satisfaction, you can't help but love Zkitllez, an Indica-dominant hybrid known for its comforting tropical fruit flavor and pleasant stress relief. The history of this strain is not yet very clear: it is said to have derived from the collaboration of two famous Californian breeders (Terp Hogz and the 3rd Gen Family Farm) but others believe it may have been developed by a single breeder part of the 3rd Gen Femily collective. Whatever its origins, we must thank the day this plant began to grow, because it brought a breath of fresh air into the panorama of Californian genetics.

Its fruity aroma terpenes are very intense and the energetic effects are intoxicating, capable of calming and stimulating creativity at the same time. It's a joy to grow outdoors, as this strain is highly resistant to mold, and will really appreciate lots of sunlight.

After flowering, the buds will be medium-large with a very intense green crossed by orange shades and a carpet of similar trichomes that adorns their shapes.

The new crosses of "Cherry Zkittlez," "OranZina" and "Zmoothie" are "super-iced, they're chunky and they smell amazing," said CEO Christina DiPaci. “This is the holy trinity of what a grower can ask for.”


Purple Punch

Emerging as one of the best Indica-dominant hybrids in recent years, Purple Punch lives up to its name by crossing two classic strains: Larry OG and Grand Daddy Purple.

This strain is very young, selected only in 2013 and has reached its maximum splendor thanks to the skilled hands of the breeder The Village who made it the strain that we all know and appreciate today.

The buds are heavily frosted with trichomes and exude a powerful fruit and candy aroma. Its creamy berry finish only complements its heavy sedative nature, perfect for combating ailments such as nausea and depression, according to patient testimonials. In fact, its Indica profile is particularly strong, making it the first choice of many people with sleeping problems.

Its cultivation, according to many, does not require particular care so it can also be handled by less expert hands, which makes it an excellent product for those who are new to cultivation or for those who do not have much time to spend in its care. Finally, the resistance of this particular strain to mites, combined with a moderate to heavy yield, also helps make Purple Punch - and new crosses - one of the best of the season.

Stephen Dillon, founder of True Humboldt in Humboldt County, California, said this year's Punch is "just shiny and beautiful. People think it's an indoor."

And you, have you had the opportunity to taste one of these genetics? You can find them all in our seed catalogue, test yourself and experience with your own hands the same sensations as a Californian breeder😜

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