Easter, celebrate with MamaMary the sowing of change and the beginning of something new.

Pasqua, celebra con MamaMary la semina del cambiamento e l'inizio di qualcosa di nuovo.

Easter, celebrate with MamaMary the sowing of change and the beginning of something new.

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This Easter with MamaMary™ products you can be part of a revolution and the next generation of change as we mark the end of winter and the beginning of spring, the time of rebirth a time when nature comes alive with new growth and vitality 🐇🍀

Easter symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus and marks the beginning of something new, the gathering of family and friends to share moments of joy, and is one of the most special holidays in all cultures and religions of the world. For us at Mamamary and for our #mamarylovers, this beginning of April symbolizes the beginning of change. The seed of change we planted together legally in 2018 with the desire to bring change and improve the world together. Just as seeds planted in spring will grow and bloom into a new life, Easter reminds us that we too can start something new and grow into the people we want to become. It is a time to embrace our dreams and aspirations and to believe in ourselves and our abilities to make positive changes.

The mention of this healing plant in the Bible

We are often surprised to learn that cannabis use is actually mentioned in the Bible, which is known as one of the most respected and significant religious books in the history of mankind. Exodus 30:23 particularly highlights the use of cannabis as an ingredient in a sacred anointing oil, along with other components such as myrrh, cinnamon, and calamus. These references have been used by supporters of marijuana legalization to support the idea that it is approved by the Bible, for both medical and spiritual purposes.

While the exact meaning of these references is uncertain, there is no doubt that cannabis has played a significant role in human culture and spirituality for centuries. In any case, this biblical origin serves as a daily reminder of the fascination and complexity that surround this plant.

Hinduism and the use of cannabis

Several ancient Hindu religious rituals dating back thousands of years include the use of cannabis. The use of cannabis in Hinduism is associated with the cult of Lord Shiva, also known as the "Lord of Bhang", who is believed to have created the plant. Another connection to god is the use of marijuana to experience transcendence or oneness with the divine. Cannabis is believed to have therapeutic properties and is used to treat various ailments. Sadhus commonly use cannabis as part of their daily rituals in India because they believe it enhances their yoga practices.

Cannabis continues to play a vital role in Hindu traditions and is deeply rooted in Indian culture, despite the country's strict legal bans on its use.

Complicated relationship with Buddhism

Cannabis and Buddhism have a contentious relationship; Followers of the religion claim that marijuana can be used to facilitate meditation and spiritual research, while detractors argue that it could hinder the path to nirvana. Many Buddhists believe that consuming psychoactive substances can lead to higher states of consciousness and self-awareness. Indeed, several historical documents report the use of cannabis in religious rites, particularly in tantric practices.

Judaism and the use of cannabis

Cannabis has a long history of use in Jewish communities. Its use can be traced in historical writings such as the Talmud, where it is suggested as a treatment for epilepsy. Furthermore, it has been suggested that ancient Jews used cannabis in religious rituals. In more recent times, some Jewish scholars have drawn attention to the relationship between cannabis and the Passover holiday, when use of the plant was thought to enhance spiritual experiences.

Today, after many years of prohibition, cannabis has been legalized in many countries, which has led to increased research and commercialization of healing compounds found in the cannabis plant, such as CBD.

Different uses of cannabis for this time of year

CBD is a popular choice for those looking to relax and unwind during the holiday season. It serves as a natural alternative to prescription drugs and other stress-relieving methods, helping to manage the anxiety that can come from coordinating family events, cooking extravagant meals, and feeling the pressure to give gifts. You can try our flowers by clicking on the link and go hunting for your new favorite bush.

Are you looking for something delicious other than chocolate? Using CBD oil in baking and cooking is another way to consume cannabis and include it in Easter celebrations. Because the oil has a consistency comparable to other oils and can help you relax and reduce anxiety, many people substitute it for other oils in recipes. Like our CBD oils, which have a variety of qualities that reduce the signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as gastrointestinal problems, insomnia, and neurodegenerative, inflammatory, and psychotic diseases. Try to see for yourself by clicking on the link . These benefits can be invaluable during a holiday that emphasizes reflection, gratitude and renewal. But what about Easter chocolates for cannabis lovers? You can find the option to indulge in our cannabis-infused edibles, grown with care and passion, by clicking on the link.

People can enjoy the festivities with family and friends and at the same time celebrate Easter and get back in touch with their faith. As more and more people choose natural, plant-based herbs to support their health and well-being, this plant is increasing in popularity. Cannabidiol may offer a natural alternative that can help you fully enjoy the holiday season, whether you're looking to relax and unwind, or want to purchase a unique gift to fill your Easter basket.

Fill your Easter basket

What exactly is this party about? As Easter Sunday approaches this year, it may be helpful to reflect on how faith and science are working together to alleviate human suffering through natural medicines, by clicking the link, and joining the revolution.

By purchasing Mamamary brand products, you not only get high-quality delights, but you also change the world. Who said adults can't enjoy Easter?

We thank you for choosing Mamamary and wish you a happy Easter holiday!

Happy Easter! 🐇🍀


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