What can we learn about legalization from the United States?

Cosa possiamo imparare sulla legalizzazione dagli Stati Uniti?

What can we learn about legalization from the United States?

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All the numbers on the legalization of Cannabis in the United States.

The night of the vote in the United States it was also an opportunity, in some states, to express their opinions on referendum questions. Of the nine states that together with the presidential elections voted on referendums on decriminalization of marijuana , eight approved it, one, Arizona , rejected it. Four states – California , Nevada , Maine And Massachusetts – have liberalized it for “recreational” purposes, four others – Florida , Arkansas , Montana And North Dakota - just for medical purposes . The question rejected in Arizona proposed free cannabis for recreational purposes.

In California in particular, where it was already legal to use doctor , it's over Proposition 64 which legalizes marijuana , with what is considered the most important victory of movement for liberalization of the soft drug also for use recreational . The 8 states now join Colorado , Washington State, Oregon , Alaska and Washington DC who have previously approved such measures.

The measure approved in California requires the state to treat marijuana like alcohol, thus passing measures to control and tax legal production of soft drugs. Under the measure, those over 21 will be able to possess 28 grams of marijuana for personal use and plant up to six plants at home. The State will then grant licenses for the sale of soft drugs, applying an excise tax of 15%. In 1996, California became the first American state to legalize therapeutic use.

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