How to build your Cannabis garden depending on your budget: €100, €500 or €1000

Come costruire il tuo giardino di Cannabis a seconda del tuo budget: 100€, 500€ o 1000€

How to build your Cannabis garden depending on your budget: €100, €500 or €1000

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If you're not already growing your own cannabis at home, this could be due to one of the following misconceptions about building an indoor garden:

  • You think that obtaining the necessary materials will be difficult and tedious. It is not true.
  • You suspect that the construction itself requires high technical expertise. It is not so.
  • You assume that building a grow space is too expensive. This couldn't be further from the truth.

And we will prove it to you! Creating your own temperature-controlled grow at home can be simultaneously easy, convenient, and economical.

This guide will help you build three different setups for your garden from scratch, at three different prices. Each structure will contain all the components necessary for temperature control, and will not require any technical skill to assemble.

All materials used in each project can be ordered from Amazon . Thus, anyone with an internet connection also has the ability to discreetly order and receive the parts needed to build these structures.

Note: Product prices shown below may vary slightly over time.

Nano Cultivation: from €100 to €130

Who Should Use This Facility?

Novice growers, those on a tight budget, and those who want to maintain their garden without attracting attention: Dwarf Cultivation is suitable for everyone. With dimensions of 60x60cm, this curtain is small enough to fit in most closets.

Materials list:

Total cost:

  • Basic: €103.30
  • With built-in fan: €119.21
  • With thermometer: €113.48
  • With both: €129.39

Nano Cultivation is designed to be the most economical and least technical. This construction focuses on reducing the necessary components to the essentials, so as to eliminate anything superfluous. The essentials will cost just over $100, but you can add a built-in fan and optional thermometer/hydrometer for a fraction of the cost.

LED lights work well in this environment because they produce little heat. While filtration isn't necessary for a grow this size, those looking to grow in a smaller space should consider purchasing a fan and thermometer/hydrometer. These tools will help both increase air circulation and ensure fundamental parameters to maintain the right environment for plants.

With a maximum tent size of 128cm, plants grown should reach a maximum height of 60cm and we recommend using dwarf (dwarf), indica and auto-flowering varieties for best results.

Construction Notes:

  • Time needed: ~30 min
  • Power outlets required: 2 or 3
  • Where to mount: wardrobe or walk-in closet
  • Recommended number of plants: 1 or 2


  • Tent: The Topolight grow tent is perfect for small spaces or closets, and has a highly reflective mylar interior lining to help provide optimal lighting for your plants.
  • Light: The Growstar UFO Full Spectrum LED Light is an economical and efficient system, designed to provide a spectrum suitable for both vegetable and flower plants. This light has 30w Creed LEDs in a blue/purple color. With your order you also receive the components necessary to hang the light at variable heights to follow the plant as it grows. LED lights do not add additional heat to the tent and require less filtration to maintain suitable temperatures.
  • Filatration: The Lorell 15cm clamp fan ensures air flow in the tent. Plus, you can add a built-in 10cm 100CFM vent to provide fresh air inside the tent. If you decide to buy it, mount it to the base of the tent using tape and zip ties. The pinch fan will help move the air inside the tent. By keeping the top of the duct open, you may passively exhaust the air. If you decide not to take the ventilation duct, leave both the top and bottom hatches open to encourage air movement.
  • Automation: This facility has a 24-hour mechanical timer created to keep the light on an automatic cycle. Mechanical timers are slightly cheaper than their digital counterparts.
  • Climate Control: The basic version of this facility does not include any climate control tools. However, there is an option to purchase an Acurite thermometer/hydrometer that will allow you to monitor essential parameters inside the tent.

Micro Cultivation: €500

Who should use this facility?

Micro Grow is a value-oriented package designed to provide all the essentials for growing in a single tent. More advanced than Nano Cultivation, it is a complete system that can support virtually all growing styles.

This structure is perfect for placing in a small room or garage. At 162cm tall, the tent offers enough space to propagate smaller, thicker cultivars. The height limit is between 90cm and 106cm.

Between 2 and 4 plants are recommended in this environment. You can even fit 6 plants in it, if you grow small auto-flowering varieties and/or let the plants vegetate for less time.

Materials list:

Total cost: €411.22

Unlike the Nano Cultivation, this structure contains a complete ventilation system, designed to filter and exhaust hot air, while bringing fresh, clean air inside. Furthermore, the timer has improved: we have switched to a digital model with a double socket to control both the light and the exhaust system with carbon filter. A remote control has also been added to control the fan speed for total climate control.

With the 315w CMH (ceramic metal halide) lights, enough heat is generated that we recommend this design for an open space to allow for the best air circulation in the tent. The included 3100k bulb allows you to use the tent for both vegetative and flowering cycles.

Construction Notes:

    • Time needed: ~1 hour

  • Power outlets required : 4 (5-outlet ground adapter recommended)
  • Where to mount : room or garage
  • Recommended number of plants : 2 to 4 plants


  • Tent : The Casolly Indoor Grow Room Tent 81x81x162cm provides adequate space for a much more powerful structure, allowing you to grow more plants than the Nano Grow. This tent also has multiple vent doors to allow you to install some serious ventilation systems, and it comes with a front window, which can be hidden, for easier monitoring.
  • Light : This package includes a 120v 315w TopoGrow CMH light system. CMH lights release much less heat than HID fixtures, such as high-pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide (MH) fixtures. Complete with a 3100k bulb, this fixture produces a light spectrum that benefits both vegetable and flowering plants, eliminating the hassle of changing lights between cycles. Even better, this CMH rig comes complete with a built-in ballast.
  • Filtration : Even though CMH systems produce less heat than their rivals, there is still a need for ventilation to remove hot air from the tent. For this package, we chose to pair the Growsun 10cm exhaust kit with a 15cm 240CFM Vivosun vent. To maintain proper ventilation, a remote control for the fan speed has been added. Additionally, a 15cm Lorell pinch fan is used to flow air over the plant.
  • Automation : A dual output digital timer has been included to be used in conjunction with the carbon filter system for exhaust and lights.
  • Climate Control : The Acurite Digital Thermometer/Hydrometer will help monitor the temperature and humidity level inside the tent, making climate control adjustments easier.

Filtration Assembly: The 315w CMH generates enough heat to require filtration from the top of the tent. Airflow should be directed upwards by installing the 15cm duct amplifier to the bottom of the tent, using tape and zip ties, with the exhaust system to the 10cm carbon filter above. Use heavy duty zip ties to secure the carbon filter to the back of the tent. You can also use tape to attach the fan and filter to the aluminum duct. Route the conduit through the top hatch and secure with zip ties and tape.

With this system, cool air will enter through the bottom of the tent, and warm air will exit through the top. The 15cm clamp fan should be placed just above plant level on the left rear pole, to help circulate air equally as the plants grow.

Standard cultivation: €1000

Who should use this facility?

Standard Cultivation offers a complete package for growers who want to keep their cultivation active all year round. It includes all the essential elements of space, lighting, automation and filtration for standard home cultivation.

No matter what your legally mandated plant limit is, this tent should be able to contain them all. With the main growing room measuring 203cm, height is not an issue, and almost any type of cultivar can easily grow there. With a 630w 3100k CMH system, this room can be used for both vegetal and flowering stages.

For growers who want a complete system that can germinate seedlings, create and maintain clones, maintain mother plants, and have multiple chambers for various projects, this is the right setup.

However, this system tends to run hot and will need the space of a large room or garage to work best.

Materials list:

Total cost: €811.77

“Standard Grow” is designed for an all-encompassing cannabis cultivation and propagation system, and offers a perpetual all-inclusive growing space, condensed into a 120x150cm structure. For just under €1000, you can have a three-room, three-light tent, including a complete air filtration system, automation and control.

This structure allows growers to grow at different stages of the plant's life cycle, and provides space for different breeding projects.

The 120x120cm main tent is powered by a 630w CMH light and the 30x120cm two-level extension is built with two light systems with 4 fluorescent t5 bulbs. Complete with four fans, two dual-outlet timers, and adjustable air intake and exhaust components, this 80-inch tent supports even the most ambitious grow.

Construction Notes:

    • Time needed: ~2 hours

  • Power Outlets Required : 10 (two 5-outlet ground adapters recommended)
  • Where to mount : room or garage
  • Recommended number of plants : 4 to 12 plants (in flower)


  • Tent: The real star of this setup is the TopoGrow 2-in-1 Double Room Indoor Grow Tent, measuring 152x121x203cm. The main chamber is 121x121x167cm, with an adjoining two-level chamber measuring 30x121x167cm. The two chambers are divided by wire, so that you can have two different reproduction chambers. The main and secondary chambers are divided by a double mylar barrier, applied with Velcro and therefore removable.
  • Light: This system contains three different light systems. The main room has a 120v 630w CMH fixture with dual 3100k bulbs, while the two-level rooms contain a pair of 30x121cm 4-bulb T5 fluorescent fixtures, stacked vertically. With this design, the main chamber can be used for both late vegetative and flowering cycles, while the secondary chambers could be fantastic areas for germination and cloning of young plants.
  • Filtration: The main chamber of the tent has a complete ventilation system. The air enters through the 15cm air duct amplifier fixed at the bottom of the tent. A second 15cm amplifier removes hot air from the top of the tent and is positioned to the left of the CMH system. For exhaust, the GrowSun 400CFM kit is used. The kit contains a 15cm carbon filter, a sturdy duct with exhaust fan (with a remote control for speed), and a 15cm aluminum duct. This system can be secured high up at the rear of the tent, with the use of strong zip ties and tape, or placed on the floor in the rear right corner. Both positions allow the duct to exhaust air through the top hatch. The main room has two 15cm clamp fans, one positioned at plant height and the second secured to a support beam to direct air to the light fixture and 15cm exhaust fan. The two-level side room must have a 15cm clamp fan for each room.
  • Automation: Two Century dual socket digital timers are used in this facility. One controls the lights and exhaust fan in the main room, and the other controls the two side fluorescent lights.
  • Climate Control: Each room takes an Acurite hydrometer/thermometer for climate control.

Filtration Assembly: For the main room, secure the 6-inch amplifier to the door on the bottom left of the tent with zip ties and tape, so it directs air inward. The second amplifier should be secured in the same way, but on the upper left side, above the first. This fan will direct the air out of the tent.

The 15cm exhaust kit can be secured to either the top left or bottom right of the tent, and in either case will direct air through the carbon filter and out the top hatch. This room will need two 15cm clamp fans – the first will be secured to the support beam at the top right, to help move the hot air towards the exhaust. The second fan can be placed in the lower left corner to follow the plants as they grow.

For the second room, a 6-inch clamp fan should be secured to the left rear support beam, on both levels, to direct airflow through each small room.

Author's Notes:

  • Prices do not include taxes and shipping costs.
  • Prices and availability may vary.
  • Even if they are not included in the inventory, we recommend comparing 10cm and 15cm protective screens for each amplifier. While they are not currently available on Amazon, they can be purchased at most hardware stores.
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