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Lit Weed in collaboration with "Jesse The Maestro"

Introducing the brand new LIT WEED in collaboration with the promising rap artist of the year Jesse The Maestro. Check out the new product and enjoy the vibe of smoking best-in-class weed with its heart-pounding music.

biscotti e brownies fatti con cbd

Cannabis Bake House Amsterdam

Cannabis Bakehouse is the best cannabis bakery in Amsterdam. They have the best coffee, brownies, muffins, desserts and other edibles. They prepare their edibles with CBD, hemp and strong flavors.

quattro buste di prodotti happycaps.

Happy Caps

Happy Caps may seem optimistic, but what does it actually mean? The capsules known as Happy Caps contain a combination of powerful herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals. Plants have various effects, including energizing, euphoric, trip-inducing or, for example, mood-enhancing.

scarpa di 800KICKS con lo sfondo della luce del sole e della natura

8000 Kicks

The 8000Kicks hemp shoes are made with industrial hemp, a branch of Sativa, known as the sober cousin of marijuana. Industrial hemp has been used since 8000 BC and its properties include being antibacterial, requiring no fertilizers or water to grow, cleaning and restoring nutrients in the soil, and being highly resistant.

Vaso IGrowCan con un fiore di CBD


iGrowCan makes growing marijuana super easy. Everything you need to grow a seed into a fully developed cannabis plant in 10 weeks is contained in the package.



CBD+Sports Sports supplements include vitamins, minerals and amino acids delivered to the body through a biological gateway. They are available in many different forms, for example in the form of tablets, capsules, herbal mixtures, shakes or self-tests. Sports supplements are nutrients used for sports (for example, running, athletics or boxing).