Snoop Dogg smokes a blunt in front of the White House to protest Trump

Snoop Dogg fuma un blunt davanti la Casa Bianca per protestare contro Trump

Snoop Dogg smokes a blunt in front of the White House to protest Trump

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Hip hop icon Snoop Dog had a couple of words for President Donald Trump while smoking a blunt in front of the White House in a series of videos posted to his Instagram account on Wednesday. The videos depict Snoop driving his car in Washington, D.C. before stopping to smoke in a park across from the presidential residence.


Snoop Dogg: “I had to do it”

In the first video, titled “I had to do it pt1,” Snoop is sitting on the passenger side of a car as it passes the White House.

“That's the White House right there. huh?” Snoop asks his driver. “All those pieces of shit are Secret Service, huh? I wish I could go out and take a picture now, but you can't park, huh? Fuck you, let me out, n****. Let me take a picture in front of this piece of shit, man. I'm Snoop Dogg, n****. Fuck the president!” Snoop says as he starts to get out of the car.

The next clip, “I Had to Do It Part 2,” opens with Snoop sitting on a park bench in front of the White House. After cheerfully waving at an elderly passerby, Snoop turns to the camera.

“Look at this and let me tell you about Snoop Dogg. That n**** doesn't give a fuck, man,” he exclaims. “Action against the White House!”

The second video ends with Snoop agreeing to take photos with approaching fans.

“I had to do it pt 3” opens with Snoop in the same park, walking along a brick path and lighting a blunt as he approaches a bench. After taking a seat, Snoop expresses his feelings about Trump again.

“While the **** are posturing and doing all this bullshit, I'm in the White House getting ready to smoke. Fuck the president!”

In a fourth Instagram video, Snoop returned to his hotel room in Washington, DC to relax and, of course, smoke some more.

“Returned from the White House. Everything's going smoothly, baby!” he says as he laughs and exhales smoke. “Back in my room watching Netflix. Netflix and relax. Sometimes you just have to do it. I had to do it."

It's not the first time

Snoop Dogg's demonstration on Pennsylvania Avenue wasn't the first time he was outspoken about his opinion of Donald Trump. In an interview with DJ Suss One for SiriusXM earlier this year, he made his opinions clear about the president and Trump supporters including Kanye West.

“I don't give a shit. I'll tell you straight, you piece of shit. If you like that n****, you're a fucking racist,” Snoop says honestly. “Fuck you and fuck him. Now what?” As his rant continued, Snoop accused the president of being divisive.

“He drew the lines. He drew the motherfucking lines,” Snoop said. “Before him, there were no lines. Everybody was everybody, we respected everything. We didn't trip. But n****, when you drew the line, n***** starting pointing motherfuckers out, and singling them out. Well, fuck y'all then, n****! You and them. Kanye too, n****! Don't forget about him, too. Fuck you, too!”

“It set the bar. He set the fucking limit,” Snoop said. “Before him, there was no limit. Everyone was everyone, we respected everyone. We didn't go any further. But n****, when you draw the line, n****, starting to point out assholes and isolate them. Well, fuck everyone then, n****! You and them. Even Kanye, n****! Don't forget about him. Fuck you too!”

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