The new Hemp-based buildings inspired by Lego

Le nuove costruzioni a base di Canapa ispirate ai Lego

The new Hemp-based buildings inspired by Lego

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Called " Harmless Home ", or "The house that does no damage" (to the environment ), but it is also known as "Green Lego", because the walls, obtained from a mixture of cannabis, water and lime, seem to be made with the famous toy bricks.

Built on Vancouver Island in Canada with the best of newly developed green technology and is regarded as one of the most sustainable, safest and most eco-efficient models.

The homeowner, Arno Keinonen, recently moved into his new home: “We are very happy with the final result,” he said. The biobricks used in hemp and lime are produced in Calgary maintaining the capacity of this material: it is fireproof, antibacterial and has high performance in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation . Not only that, in fact hemp combined with lime gives life to a material that " breathes naturally ", counteracting the formation of mold and allowing a healthier environment. Furthermore, modern construction techniques allow the creation of low-energy consumption homes, very often passive, which are generally heated thanks to heat pumps.

The great thing is that the cost of building homes like these is not dissimilar to that of a traditional one. “With these aspects and the conditions the environment is in now, it's a matter of time before they catch on,” said Just Bio Fiber director Michael DeChamplain.

Another important factor is due to the fact that hemp, both when it grows as a plant and when it is used in green building, absorbs a large quantity of CO2 from the environment. If the problem of traditional building is precisely the polluting aspect of the entire supply chain, that of green building made of hemp and lime is carbon negative , that is, it removes more CO2 from the environment than what is produced for processing and installation.

The “Harmless Home” was the first project of its kind, with two others now in the works. The company's hope is to make this construction method a standard in the construction industry. “So far, we have seen that it is easy to use and once the system is finished, we will be able to be competitive with all the other building systems out there.”

The home, located just outside Victoria, will continue to be monitored to ensure it is running as efficiently as possible.

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