420 Hemp Fest 2019: the best of hemp parades in Milan from 3 to 5 May

420 Hemp Fest 2019: il meglio della Canapa sfila a Milano dal 3 al 5 Maggio

420 Hemp Fest 2019: the best of hemp parades in Milan from 3 to 5 May

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It was 1971, when the Waldos sat on the wall one day at San Rafael High School, mocking everyone who passed by as usual. A friend from the Waldos, Bill, came to share something. He pulls out a treasure map, explaining that his brother was in the United States Coast Guard stationed at Pt. Reyes Peninsula north of San Francisco. He and other members of the U.S. Coast Guard had been cultivating a patch of grass and it was ready for harvest, but now they feared their commander was upon them. Wanting to be safe and not wanting to get caught, they decided to abandon the project and gave Bill and his chosen friends permission to go to the harvest. Bill and destiny chose The Waldos.

A plan was made to search for the plants. The school lets out on a staggered schedule, typically at 3:10. Some of the Waldos had football practice for about an hour afterward, so the plan was to meet the statue of chemist Louis Pasteur on campus at 4:20. During the day, whenever they saw each other in the pavilions, they reminded each other of the place and the meeting by greeting with "Louis 420". The word of 420 then spread thanks to an emerging rock band in those years, the Grateful Deads, who during the following 35 years used this code to promote cannabis culture and the benefits of the "magic plant". Today, April 4th (4/20 in English) is the official day when Cannabis is celebrated around the world.

Strengthened by this tradition, the 4 . 20 Hemp Fest was founded in 2016 with the aim of increasing awareness of an increasingly hot topic, that of Hemp, growing from edition to edition, until it becomes one of the main sector events in Italy.

From 90 international exhibitors in 2018, this year's edition, which will be held from 3 to 5 May at the East Stand Studio , will welcome 150 from all over the world, with stands dedicated to fabrics, cosmetics, foods, drinks in addition to light cannabis and cultivation. There will also be a large outdoor space equipped to host live concerts and DJ sets, a play area, food trucks and some surprises yet to be revealed.

The fair is not only designed for enthusiasts, but will be a very interesting opportunity for companies, start-ups, associations and sector entities to grow and network.

The cultural part of the Milanese festival is a flagship for the organizers and includes a particularly structured program, which will deal with the cannabis world at 360°, with an educational offer for everyone.
Among these, one of the guests confirmed together with Franco Casalone (International Master of Cannabis) is the hash making guru Frenchy Cannoli , who has chosen Milan for one of his stops on the world workshop tour entitled " The Lost Art ", which concerns the Hashish production process through traditional techniques, carefully optimized with today's knowledge and the experience of the past. By attending the workshop, you will be able to spend a day with Frenchy learning about the Lost Art. In this special lab, hemp biomass will be used to demonstrate how to efficiently and economically remove trichome heads, harvest the resin, dry it, press it with a heat source to decarboxylate it, and store it.

It is possible (and recommended!) to purchase tickets in advance to participate in the workshop at this link: https://www.purplepass.com/#183014/Frenchy_Cannoli-Workshop_L'Arte_Perduta-4.20_Hemp_Fest-May03-2019.html


“We are working to create a great second edition of this year's event, a hybrid between a fair and a festival of music, art and culture - says Marco Russo, founder of the event - in the last editions I have noticed a heterogeneous audience and curious, a useful factor to push us to once again raise public awareness on the topic of hemp and its indispensable properties for our planet. For this edition we took into consideration last year's experience to improve even more, both from the sponsorship point of view, which support us as sponsors Biobizz, Hesi, Sweet Seeds and as media partners Canamo, Soft Secret, Hempedelic and MjPassion, both on the organizational and experiential side such as the creation of areas reserved for relaxation and steam, the business lounge area, the areas dedicated to children and animals and business services."

These words and the bombshell news coming soon seem to portend a truly super 2019 edition! STAY TUNED! ;)

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