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Cosmetic Hemp Seed Oil for Relaxing Face and Hair Massages

Cosmetic Hemp Seed Oil for Relaxing Face and Hair Massages

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Product description

This cosmetic hemp oil of very high quality offers effects benefits for the whole body . The natural substances contained in the product effectively help the skin in the joint, muscle and tendon areas : it is a good complement in case of sports performance and strenuous performance. His cosmetic use helps prevent skin aging: smoothes wrinkles , nourishes dry skin and softens the hair . It does not contain chemical stabilizers .

The natural ingredients of Cannol Hemp Oil

This oil is rich in essential unsaturated fatty acids Omega 3-6 , vitamins , B1, B2, B6, C, E, phytosterols, phytic acid A and others mineral substances important, with a proven history of beneficial effects. Cannol is also rich in numerous natural active ingredients among which:

• Hemp oil and hemp seed extract

• Mandarin Clementine

• Grapefruit

Ingredients (INCI) : Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Cannabis Sativa Seed Extract, Citrus Clementina Oil, Citrus Grandis Oil, Citrus Reticulata Oil.

Format: 100ml

This product falls into the category of cosmetic products. It can only be applied to the external surfaces of the body. It cannot intervene directly on diseases, but simply keeps in good condition, protects, cleans, perfumes and modifies the appearance of the areas on which it is applied. It does not have a pharmacological action and cannot have the preventive action of a disease as its main action. However, it helps protect and keep the areas where it is applied in good condition.

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