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Cannabis Cookies

Cannabis Cookies

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Cannabis biscuits like you've never tried!

Ready to enjoy these delicious chocolate cannabis cookies? Fragrant as if they had just come out of the oven, in addition to their incredible flavour, they hide a secret ingredient: in fact, each type of biscuit is inspired by a strain, which is partly present inside it!

On each package you will also find the intensity of the effects of each flavor, to ensure you get the desired consequences. Each cannabis cookie manages to release overwhelming effects, but it's their goodness that creates addiction!

They are contained in an airtight bag: if you can't finish them immediately you can postpone the pleasure until you want.🍪

If you've ever wondered what your favorite genetics would taste like if it were a cookie, then your dreams have come true...

MamaMary brings edibles from the best shop in Amsterdam to your home,

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