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Plant parts of Cannabis Sativa L. with THC levels within legal limits. Ornamental, horticultural use, for research and development and all uses permitted by law. 242/16 art 2, letter G. Warnings: Do not use during pregnancy, do not ingest, it is not a food or medicinal product. Sale to children under 18 is prohibited, keep out of reach of children. Non-narcotic, it does not produce any psychotropic effects. Non-combustible. Inappropriate use could harm your health. In case of inappropriate use, do not drive. The product is subject to weight loss and may lose color due to photooxidation. Store in a dark, cool, dry place. All references to the benefits of CBD on this site are not intended to provide any health-related advice, but only mention what scientific research has discovered ''Compliant with all relevant Italian and European laws: USA Farm Bill 2018, USDA Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, EU regulation 1307 art. 32, EU regulation 1308 art. 189, EU Directive 98/56/EC, Information note on the cultivation of hemp from the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Law 242/2016, MIPAAF Circular of 8.5.2009, MIPAAF Circular of 22.5.2018, Presidential Decree 309/90 - article 26 DM 9.08.2000.

Legal Hash: From Cultivation to Online Sale

Welcome to our universe of legal hashish, where the passion for cannabis merges with the pursuit of quality and safety. In this exclusive section of our site, we invite you to immerse yourself in the wide range of high quality products we offer, all strictly compliant with Italian and international regulations.

Cannabis Hashish: The Art of Cultivation and Production

At our crops, light hashish comes to life thanks to the dedication of our expert growers. Each marijuana plant is cared for with attention and respect for the environment, ensuring healthy and vigorous growth. We use only the best hemp varieties, selected for their high cannabinoid content and low THC content, to ensure extracts of the highest quality and purity. From the trichomes of cannabis inflorescences from our finest hemp plants we obtain extracts with a high concentration of CBD and THC levels within legal limits. Our production method is free from the use of pesticides and other harmful substances, guaranteeing a quality product among the best on the market.

Varied Options for Every Taste and Preference

Our product range includes a large selection of hashish types, each with unique and distinctive characteristics. We have everything you need to satisfy your desires and preferences.

Discover the differences between the various types of Hashish

If you are new to this world, you may be wondering what the differences are between the various types of products available. From traditional legal cannabis resin to modern moonrock, there are many strains to explore and discover. Here is a detailed overview of the most popular hash types:

Charas: CBD light hashish

Traditionally produced in Nepal and India, charas is a form of light hashish obtained by manipulating the female inflorescences of the cannabis sativa plant. Characterized by a dark brown color and an intense aroma, charas is appreciated for its soft consistency and its unmistakable scent.

Moonrock: Legal high CBD hash

Created through a process of budding and pressing, moonrock is a legal hash strain known for its high concentration of cannabinoids. Thanks to its high CBD content, moonrock offers a light and relaxing experience, ideal for those seeking natural relief from stress and anxiety.

Primero: One of the most popular varieties of hashish from Pakistan

Native to Pakistan, primero is a form of legal hashish prized for its sweet, earthy aroma. With moderate THC content and high CBD, Primero offers a unique balance between the psychoactive and therapeutic effects of cannabis.

Security and Transparency come first

Your safety and peace of mind are our top priority. Every product we offer undergoes rigorous quality and safety checks to ensure maximum purity and reliability. Furthermore, we strictly comply with all Italian and international regulations regarding the production, extraction and marketing of legal hashish, to guarantee you a safe and risk-free purchasing experience.

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Don't miss our special offers and exclusive promotions to buy the best legal hashish products from cannabis light at the best price. With fast shipping and dedicated customer service, we are here to meet all your needs and ensure you have an unparalleled shopping experience.

Explore the World of Legal Hashish Today

Don't wait any longer: enter our online shop and discover the different types of legal hashish we have to offer. We are here to guide you on a unique journey into the fascinating and challenging world of legal hashish. Buy today and find out why we are the point of reference for lovers of legal hashish in Italy and beyond.


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