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BORBUKA 40% CBD, THC < 0.2%, HHC 0%

BORBUKA 40% CBD, THC < 0.2%, HHC 0%

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Borbuka is undoubtedly one of the most popular hash strains, often compared to the acclaimed Charas. Its distinctive feature is a very high CBD content, which can even reach 30%. The key to its exceptional quality lies mainly in its origin, making it the most sought after Moroccan-type hashish among enthusiasts in the world of legal cannabis.

One of the distinctive features of this hashish is its remarkable resemblance to traditional Moroccan hashish, which is renowned for its high THC content. This similarity is reflected in the texture of Borbuka, soft but dense. Its coloration is particularly characteristic, with a brown shade so intense that it almost seems black. While the interior may be slightly lighter, the complex maintains a dark hue that differentiates it from other hash strains.

But the real peculiarity of this legal hashish is its aroma. The scent recalls the extractions and resins that caused a sensation in the 90s. The smell is strong, intense, and offers deep earthy notes, creating an enveloping and engaging scent.

This Hash has been widely used in the Middle East since ancient times and gained popularity in Europe after the 19th century. Among the different varieties of hashish, Borbuka is considered one of the best around, thanks to its high oil content. Its incredibly soft and fluffy texture sets it apart from typical Moroccan hashish.

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