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BioVapo Ecological Multipurpose Vaporizer - handmade glass

BioVapo Ecological Multipurpose Vaporizer - handmade glass

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The Models

The various models have been designed in compliance with high quality and safety standards. After years of research and development, rigorously testing them one by one, to select the simplest shape and the most subtle details that now allow vaporization to be a sustainable, simple and 100% satisfying process.

Discover each model, try it and find your particular needs in each one. You can choose just one model, your favourite, but if you are a plant lover we recommend that you don't miss the opportunity to have them all and explore the exuberant range of sensations that nature reserves for you.

Biovapo Express

Biovapo Express is the distinctive model. A simple and minimalist design that achieved a pleasant reception and a strong outcome.

It represents a starting point in the vaporization process for both beginners and experts and is characterized by its simplicity, portability and elegance. Its practical size and cylindrical design allow for efficient energy transfer. All this gives the possibility of obtaining important results with minimal energy expenditure.

Biovapo Plus

Ideal for the most demanding and curious users. With its extra capacity we wanted to discover new alternatives for steam storage.

The technique consists of not inhaling the vapor from Biovapo directly, but blowing it into a container. This process produces a naturally cooled vapor, which when accumulated allows users to better perceive characteristics such as flavor, smell and density derived from the plant that has been used.

This technique is called “indirect vaporization” or “vapor storage”, an excellent way to attenuate and cool vapors optimally thanks to our Biovapo Plus model

Biovapo Touch

It's the perfect tool for those who want to push themselves to the limit. The Touch model will allow you to know the quality of your plants and discover in a different way the biochemistry that you had ignored until now. It allows additional cooling of vapors thanks to a larger condensation area.

Its design is sophisticated and incorporates a special rim at its ends that adds elegance and a more robust sensation between the lips, uniquely improving the entry of vapor to offer the best possible flavor. You can load it from both sides ergonomically and quickly.


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