Francis Ford Coppola is the latest star to invest in the cannabis industry

Francis Ford Coppola è l'ultima star ad investire nell'industria della cannabis

Francis Ford Coppola is the latest star to invest in the cannabis industry

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Celebrities such as Willie Nelson , Tommy Chong and Snoop Dogg have taken aim at the cannabis industry, in unsuspecting times, while musician Melissa Etheridge and former NBA great Clifford Robinson have been candid about their medical use. But the Oscar-winning director of The Godfather, Godfather II, and Apocalypse Now? Well, you can also add Francis Ford Coppola , who after 40 years in the wine industry, has joined the cannabis industry, as reported by the Press Democrat :

" Wine and cannabis are two ancient and generous gifts from Mother Nature , linked to great care, territory and temperance. Knowledge that applies from one to the other," Coppola said in a statement Thursday. “As with growing grapes, the locations and Grower's Series reflect the California agricultural experience that creates a true blend of art and science.

Coppola sees an opportunity to help leverage his other brands in the new venture, as said via Sana, the company: “ bringing to life a progressive vision as a pioneer of the highest quality, sun-grown cannabis products through sustainable agriculture ".

According to some rumours, the cannabis that will be produced by the award-winning director will be sold in a package in the shape of a wine bottle, a glass pipe, rolling papers and a box of matches, via the home delivery site Chill , specialized in marijuana and derivatives.

Other wine and beer companies have been looking for a potential growth market in North America. Lagunitas Brewing Co. of Petaluma was the first well-known brand on the market to create a cannabis-infused beverage made in collaboration with CannaCraft of Santa Rosa, sold only in California-licensed cannabis dispensaries.

Johnny Deim, founder and CEO of Humboldt Brothers, said his deal with Coppola was a " landmark on how times are changing ." He has also had contact with other famous brands and musicians, but said he felt comfortable signing Coppola to his first deal given the director's passion for the product.

Despite Coppola's experience in the wine industry, it is still very relevant when someone with such a reputation joins the fray, not only for ethical reasons, but also because it demonstrates how much potential the industry still has to be exploited, as well as enjoying of an excellent state of health , as highlighted in one of our recent articles . While many celebrities wait to enter the market, people with an appeal like that of Etheridge and Coppola help the further spread of marijuana culture, making state legalization a little more likely.

It's nice to hear that Coppola defines cannabis as one of the two "ancient and generous gifts of Mother Nature", as well as knowing that he too has joined this “Revolution” . It will be interesting to see what celebrity-branded cannabis products are put out five years from now, hopefully those with their hearts and minds in the right place will be rewarded by consumers.

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