La Cannabis Light legale cos’è, perché è legale e cosa c’entra il CBD in tutto questo?

What is legal cannabis light, why is it legal and what does CBD have to do with all this?

The topic of Legal or Light Cannabis is of great interest and the reason lies in the liberalization of its sale. Let's try to understand what it is, why it is legal and what CBD has to do with all this.

The topic of Legal or Light Cannabis is of great interest and the reason lies in the liberalization of the sale, as long as the THC value does not exceed 0.2%.

Cannabis Light. What it is and how it fits into the consumer market

Cannabis Light is not a simple pastime or a new party game. Cannabis Light is legal if it has THC lower than 0.2% and a fluctuation of up to 0.6% is permitted . In fact, it is known that the genetics of the Sativa from which Light is drawn were obtained with innovative agronomic methods based on accurate botanical studies which involved much international research lasting almost twenty years with extensive "field" experiments. In this way it has been possible to give rise to varieties so weakened in terms of effects on the psyche that they can no longer be considered narcotics . Even if it needs to be specified, it is not Cannabis itself that is prohibited, but the presence of the psychotropic substance THC (AKA Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol).

We can rest assured, it's not a great herb , it's not just a trend, it's not word of mouth to fuel chatter, but then, what is it? The answer is not univocal, but we will try to give one that tries to explain the value of this asset, which cannot be associated with illegality.

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