Cannabis edibles: the best marijuana recipe sites

Cibi alla cannabis: i migliori siti di ricette alla marijuana

Cannabis edibles: the best marijuana recipe sites

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Consuming cannabis through delicious homemade edibles is a healthier alternative to smoking, and it also offers a whole new culinary experience. Plus, eating cannabis edibles offers a much more potent (and usually longer-lasting) experience than smoking.

You can find literally thousands of recipes for cannabis edibles, but to save you the trouble, we've collected the 29 best sites here.

Our goal was to find the best candidates with respect to:

  • Taste! We have obviously chosen only delicious recipes.
  • Ease! We have chosen a mix of recipes for beginners and more challenging recipes for those who already have some experience.
  • Creativity! We chose the classics to absolutely try, but we also looked for delicious innovations.

Since there are recipes out there that aren't exactly the best, we decided to round up the top contenders so you can get cooking!

You'll want to check out (and definitely try some recipes from) these amazing sites, which we've researched exclusively for your convenience. Let's go!

List of winners:

This site definitely deserves a prominent mention in our list. It has everything you need to make homemade cannabis edibles.

It includes a simple, straightforward guide on how to make cannabutter, the main ingredient you need to add cannabis to foods, as well as dozens of other great and creative recipes.

Enjoy a great afternoon snack with their chocolate chip cookies and Marijuana tea.

The Stoner's Cookbok is an excellent place to start your journey into making edibles and learn everything you need for your next favorite snack.

This is a responsible and versatile site that offers a wealth of information, not only about cooking with cannabis, but also about the different strains of Marijuana and how they work differently when consumed.

One of their best recipes is gluten-free Marijuana brownies , a delicious option for celiacs.

Two other of their most popular recipes are those for cannabis s'mores and the refreshing chai-juana latte , which together make a great combo.

Edibles Magazine likes to make things simple, good looking and absolutely irresistible. You won't be able to stop eating their snacks.

What we loved the most were their no-bake cannabis honey balls . Sweet and chewy, with a light crunchiness given by the granola, they are the perfect snack for those who are more health conscious.

Their Cannabis Marinade for Steaks was a revelation, and is sure to crown any slice of meat exquisitely. Finally, we must mention their juicy and tangy pineapple infused filling , which can make a great side dish to a ham dish for an unforgettable holiday dinner.

At Wake & Bake, you'll find more than amazing cannabis-rich baked goods. Even though they sell a book with dozens of recipes, the site makes some of the most important ones available for free.

To whip up some special, healthy treats, Wake & Bake teaches you how to make cannabis-infused coconut oil , which makes many exotic dishes sing.

Fantastic cannabanana bread is not only fun to pronounce, but also a joy to eat. Last, but not least, their artichoke dip - it's simply divine!

TGKR is high on our list simply because their recipes are so varied, covering almost every culinary craving and desire.

We searched long and hard to find our favorites among the many delicious dishes, but, to be honest, almost all of their stuff is worth trying.

Our favorite though has to be Elvis' Ak-47 Banana Bread , because we have to agree with the King in this case; This stuff is delicious!

Super lemon haze hollandaise is creamy, tart, and perfect for breakfast.

Lastly, their McFly Gravy Scones sound too good not to try, right?

This amazing site takes cooking cannabis edibles a step further, providing you with intricate recipes for alcoholic drinks, along with other basic cannabis ingredients like

  • Cannabis flour
  • Cannabis milk
  • Cannabis oil

The guides are very simple and easy to follow.

Additionally, they have many creative recipes so you can use the cannabis ingredients you have prepared.

Some of their most popular foods are cannabis-infused candies and lollipops.

Their fun and delicious Harry “pot-head” Potter butterbeer is an absolute hit, and one can only drool at the mention of the pecan pie with cannabutter frosting !

The site is best suited for those who already have experience cooking with cannabis, but Cannabis Now can be a great place to find new and intriguing recipes, as well as legal, high-quality dispensaries in your area (if there are any).

Their Marijuana Gummies are as smooth as they are fruity and delicious.

For another smooth treat, the Almond Bliss bar will take your edibles experience to another level, with its light texture and sweet almond flavor.

Finally, ending any evening with a sparkling lemon weed drop mocktail is sure to surprise and thrill your senses.

Passionate health coach Pam's blog, Twicebaked in Washington, features her favorite recipes. Pam uses Medical Marijuana for health reasons.

Although this blog is about all things cannabis from the writer's perspective, we were intrigued by her healthy and innovative recipes.

His raw cannabis and kale salad wins a lot of points for being truly healthy.

Our favorites, however, are the chia and hemp seed morsels , which are as irresistible as the name promises.

Finally, her happy cashew and hemp cake is a real joy to see (and secretly gorge on at 2 am in the kitchen).

This blog is, once again, a little more than just recipes, offering readers information regarding Medical Marijuana and its uses. However, their recipes are worth talking about, for their flavor and simplicity.

This blog provides an easy-to-follow guide on how to make cannabis sugar , which you can add to your favorite recipes instead of plain sugar. This way, you can prepare edibles using your own recipes.

The MMJ barbecue sauce from Me, You and Maryjane is the perfect idea for a Sunday barbecue, because it perfectly accompanies the meat and dishes of your choice.

If you want a soft and sweet treat, you should definitely try their Tincture Teddies gummy bears !

What's really great about Infused Eats is that they accompany their recipes with video tutorials and explanations on how to do things.

Which makes it much easier for the novice cook to understand even the most complex recipes and learn how to prepare new delights.

We've found the perfect recipe for Marijuana/Cannabis Olive Oil Pizza ! If you are a pizza lover, you have to try it.

We also loved their cannabis puree .

Infused Eats is an online cookbook, and you have to sign up to see their recipes.

At Eat Your Cannabis, the choice of edibles has reached another level, offering you recipes for parties, afternoon snacks and fantastic dinners.

Flavorful Triple Baked Cannabis Potatoes are the perfect side dish for your next party or gathering. Their famous Marijuna-infused apple cider combines two of your favorite ways to wind down in the evening into one delicious drink you'll want to drink again and again.

During pumpkin season, try their spectacular Cannabis Pumpkin Pie . It's too awesome to share.

Eat Your Cannabis also has numerous recipes for those with special dietary needs, including vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free diets.

Grasscity has a few recipes, but each one is a gem and worth your time to prepare. They also offer a lot of information on how to grow medical cannabis, and have numerous products available on their site.

We loved the recipe for Cannabis Honey and Simple Syrup , which goes great with everything from toast to cakes to scones. It's so easy to make and such a versatile condiment for desserts that it's worth keeping in the pantry.

Grasscity also teaches you how to create cannabis cooking oils to add to your flavorful recipes, if you want to turn them into delicious cannabis edibles.

This is a fantastic cannabis blog, celebrating the legalization of medical use and reporting news from across America. It's no surprise that there are also some gems of cannabis recipes on this knowledgeable site, and each one is definitely worth trying.

If you like mac and cheese (and who doesn't?), then Cannabist's recipe for smoky mac 'n' cheese is definitely for you. It's a creamy, heavenly combination with a powerful hit.

We also found their healthy, nutritious soft granola bars a total win , thanks to all the amazing ingredients they're made of and great flavor.

Weed Chefs are a cheerful group of medical marijuana growers who create absolute delights with their crops. The site offers so many different recipes for amazing cannabis edibles that it's almost impossible to choose our favorites to highlight.

However, reluctantly (but with full stomachs), we have chosen some top contenders.

First up, the classic but unforgettable cannabis sugar cookies , which we absolutely loved.

Then, their Cannabis-infused treats with cocoa and Rice Krispy , perfect at any time of day.

Finally, we must mention their cannacrema , which is a fantastic cannabis-infused ingredient to add to hot chocolate, tea, or even mashed potatoes.

A fun-loving and light-hearted site, Good & Baked combines the best of two worlds: traditional baking and a weed lover's dreams. Their creations are mostly simple and a breeze to prepare, but great in flavor.

If you love pesto, then their space pesto will take you to heaven. It's fresh and delicious, and gives just the right kick to all your favorite pesto dishes.

We also fell in love with the smooth, sweet delight that is cannabis caramel .

Be ready for when you taste their weed firecrackers ; expect a spicy treat you won't soon forget.

At sous weed°, the recipes are absolutely fantastic and they aren't afraid to show it. Here you can find quirky delicacies that the experienced cook can try and the novice can strive to master.

We completely fell in love with their vision of edibles, which brings a unique elegance to the kitchen.

Our favorite is the galette “made” with fruit . It was flaky, fruity and light, a perfect combination.

We also loved the bourbon-glazed muddled burger topped with melted pepper jack cheese and thick slices of crispy bacon.

Need we say more? Finally, we recommend washing it all down with one of their Bloody Mary Janes .

You can keep up to date with the latest Cannabis news and fads on Cannabis Search, while also trying out their amazing recipes for the king of all snacks.

Few cannabis recipes reach the comfort level of the macaroni and trees you can find on Cannabis Search. Don't worry about the part about the trees; this is a delicious mac 'n' chees recipe that will have you licking the spoon.

For a light sugar hit, their jolly ranchers are a fantastic choice that will immediately satisfy your sweet tooth.

Last, but not least, the classic and fantastic crispy treats , which we couldn't resist. A sweet crunch you won't soon forget!

At E Marijuana Recipes you are sure to find many terrific complete meals for when you are craving something that will fill you up and completely satisfy you. They also have several easy snack recipes if you prefer something quick.

Of all their recipes, it was their Cannabis Jambalaya that caught our attention, and it definitely delivered what it promised: heat, flavor, and comfort.

And who can resist the name Chronic Cheesy Fries ? They were as good as they look!

Finally, for a healthier but equally delicious snack, their cannabis power smoothie hits the mark.

The Weed Scene provides lots of advice on how to grow your Marijuana well, and also gives lots of tips on how to prepare cannabutter and create delicious edibles.

We simply couldn't resist their classic and amazing Chocolate Herb Magic Cookies , and we had every reason to! They ended up being one of the best ebidles recipes we tried.

The whimsical Fruity Pebbles treats were as the name suggests: fruity and definitely whimsical, they take Rice Krispy treats to another level.

Lastly, the canna buttercream frosting was so amazing you'll want to eat it straight from the bowl.

The wonderful thing about is that they keep their recipes basic and simple, giving beginners the chance to start experimenting with easy yet delicious foods.

We loved their simple and tasty Cannabis Pancakes , which are an easy-to-make breakfast or any-time-of-the-day snack. also offers one of the best recipes we've tried for cannabis butter cookies.

Bottom line, chili cheese cereal is both quirky and irresistible for anyone who loves a nice bowl of hot cereal.

Original Weed Recipes is an all-around fantastic place to start your culinary journey into the world of cannabis edibles. They offer hundreds of recipes, candy molds, and numerous video tutorials on how to prepare basic cannabis ingredients.

Their weed popsicles are to die for; they are sweet, simple and fun to eat. It's a beginner's recipe that everyone will want to try.

We absolutely loved their Coffee and Cannabis Cake too – the perfect afternoon snack.

Finally, for an evening of realx, Original Weed Recipes teaches you how to make the best Marijuana margaritas !

No list of best sites for edibles would be complete without this precise and crisp site!

Marijuana is entirely dedicated to cannabis edibles, and offers clear instructions on how to create simple ingredients like their incredible cannacream , along with numerous complex recipes. One of our absolute favorites on the entire list was the warm, spicy, and comforting baked chili . It's easy to make and worth the effort.

Among their desserts, the chocolate and caramel covered pretzels were the winners in our opinion. But don't be fooled, there are numerous winning recipes on this site!

With a wide range of delicious recipes, the Marijuana Recipes Blog is the home of talented writers and expert edible creators. Their main focus is always flavor, but they still dare to be creative and innovative.

You know they know what they're doing when you taste their best-ever weed brownies , proudly named and fittingly just the right amount of fudgy.

We were also convinced by the carbohydrate delight that is their kush cornbread , and the cannabis pumpkin pie , a warm comfort food.

The Weed Blog offers information on the American medical marijuana cultivation scene, giving advice to businessmen who want to open dispensaries and to those who use medical cannabis.

Their knowledgeable site also offers what we're looking for: cannabis edibles that are to die for.

Anyone want cannabis bacon ? Of course, something with bacon had to make this list, and this was the perfect recipe, crispy and fatty, and it won the crown.

And why not accompany your lunch with some wonderful cheese and marijuana chips ? The Weed Blog offers you an irresistible recipe.

Lastly, but not to be overlooked, a cannabis-filled popsicle seems like the ideal, sweet, refreshing dessert we've all been craving during the summer months.

More for the aloof cannabis lover, Hemp Beach TV offers lots of good advice on consuming cannabis through great edibles. They have a wide variety of recipes, which include desserts, breakfasts, dinners and cooking staples.

Their recipes for cannabis oils are extremely useful and powerful if you want to make edibles using the oil. It's often a great idea for tasty recipes if you don't have a sweet tooth.

We also loved their Jalapeno ganja muffins , spicy and moist delights.

If you prefer something sweet, try their rum and grass margherita cake or the amazing cannacaffè milkshake !

On Weedist, you can find a lot of information about Marijuana in general, from equipment to usage to recipes, which is why we are here. Most of their recipes focus on giving that “homemade” feel we all love, so we had to put this site on the list.

Some of their recipes stood out as clear winners for us.

Mushroom burgers are every vegetarian's dream. These beauties are soft, juicy and flavorful just the way we like it, and they pack a nice punch.

If you want something spicier, then chickpea curry might be the dish for you.

Finally, we have to recommend their green goddess sauce . She's simply fantastic.

Cheri Sicard, the blogger behind Cannabis Cheri, is a strong advocate for cannabis, especially when it comes to its health benefits. Her blog has a lot of useful and interesting content, but you can't ignore her delicious recipes!

Try their eggnog custard during the holidays for a truly special dish.

If you want to try something vegan for a change, their raw vegan chocolate pudding is the ideal choice. It contains no animal products and is great for all raw food lovers.

Finally, you haven't truly lived until you've tried their delicious sesame, honey and lime chicken wings !

  • Cannabis Videos

We absolutely had to include Cannabis Videos in this list for one obvious reason: learning to cook from a video can be easier for many people and can show the whole procedure in detail, which both beginners and experts can appreciate.

We especially fell in love with their Peanut Butter Cannabis Cookies . Plus, their snickerdoodles are a real treat you'll want to make again and again. Finally, an apple pie loaded with very untraditional Cannabis, highly recommended for its pure tastiness and comfort food quality!

At High Times, you will once again find much more than just cannabis recipes, but they are worth a visit just for their edibles. Their recipes for psycho-deliciousness aren't just fun to read; they also serve to create some of the most delicious foods on this list. Most of the recipes on High Times are for comfort foods, which we love and can't live without.

The winner had to be their sweet and tangy Bar-B-Cannabis sauce , which pairs perfectly with grilled meats and other barbecue delights.

But let's not ignore their ganja guacamole . Come on, who doesn't love guacamole? Their recipe is incredibly tasty.

Done! This concludes our top picks for cannabis edibles. We are proud of this list, but no list can ever be truly complete. Tell us yours! If we forgot your favorite site, or if you want to share your favorite recipes, let us know in the comments!

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