Solidarity Cannabis

Welcome to the section of our website dedicated to the "Cannabis Solidarity" project where you will have the opportunity to receive a free supply of CBD OIL products if you fill out the form!

Before moving on, we wanted to tell you where all this started...

In Italy the laws providing for reimbursement for Cannabis-based medicines are restricted to very few categories of patients and it is very difficult to find prescribers.

For years the Italian state has avoided the discussion of Cannabis and even today some Italian regions do not have adequate regulations to make it accessible to patients who need it. Fortunately, the Cannabis Light phenomenon has cleared the use of cannabinoids that can be found on the market freely in dedicated shops or online.

Therefore, if the Government does nothing, the MamaMary Community will take action to provide Free Therapy to all patients who need it.

We therefore invite you to fill out the form below by entering the requested information and describing your pathology so you will receive a free supply of CBD OIL (you will only pay for shipping).

This initiative also aims to obtain useful data for scientific research, therefore once you have received and tried our CBD OIL you will be contacted to tell us about your experience, if you wish, so that we can help yourself and scientific research to improve the formulation of these products for your well-being.


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