Guide: Hyaluronic Acid, Snail Slime and Hemp: why are they perfect for skin health?

Guida: Acido Ialuronico, Bava di Lumaca e Canapa: perché sono perfetti per la salute della pelle?

Guide: Hyaluronic Acid, Snail Slime and Hemp: why are they perfect for skin health?

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Hyaluronic acid facial serum: the benefits and how to use it

Did you know that hyaluronic acid is a natural substance produced by our body? This substance is produced by fibroblasts, cells that have the aim of hydrating the tissues, giving them firmness and plasticity, given its ability to retain large quantities of water and is therefore essential to guarantee the right level of hydration for our skin, protecting it from oxidative stress , the cause ofcellular aging.

In fact, with the passage of time the quantity of hyaluronic acid present in the body tends to decrease: hence the aging of the skin with the relative appearance of wrinkles and the loss of elasticity of the tissues, such as those of the joints, lubricating them and absorbing the impacts within them. The benefit of using a hyaluronic acid facial serum ? Your skin will be deeply hydrated, plumped and elasticized, with expression lines much less visible.

How to distinguish it? Hyaluronic acid has different molecular weights: the lower the molecular weight , the more hyaluronic acid will penetrate into the deep layers of the skin. The high molecular weight hyaluronic acid remains longer on the surface and guarantees an immediate tightening effect.

The "pure" hyaluronic acid facial serum is oil -free and is therefore also suitable for oily or combination types. It is used after cleansing in the morning and evening, before your usual face cream. If, however, you have very dry skin, it is preferable to also combine a nourishing serum or choose a hyaluronic acid facial serum enriched with vegetable oils .

Hyaluronic acid is now produced industrially from bacterial cultures (it was once obtained from animal sources, in particular cockscombs). It is used as a filler to combat blemishes and reshape hands , breasts and lips.

There are high concentration hyaluronic acid facial serums on the market that are considered "pure". Others are enriched with vitamins and various plant complexes.

Snail slime: what is it

Snail slime is the slimy secretion produced by snails, in particular, for cosmetics, that produced by the Helix Aspersa Muller species is used . The snail produces two types of secretions: one to keep the soft tissue of the body moist, which would otherwise risk dehydration, and another useful for moving and climbing vertically. For the snail slime serum, the second type is used of secretion, given that it is richer in antioxidants and hyaluronic acid.

Snail slime has extraordinary properties and this is demonstrated by the fact that it has been used for centuries for skin care and that its properties are scientifically proven. But what substances does it contain?

  • mucopolysaccharides
  • collagen
  • glycolic acid
  • elastin
  • vitamins
  • proteins
  • peptides

Thanks to these substances, the skin regenerates deeply, as exfoliation and cell turnover are stimulated. The skin resumes its activities, thus rejuvenated, giving visible effects even after a short time. The snail slime effect is seen especially in the presence of blemishes. In particular, if there are lesions and inflammation, the snail slime serum helps to soothe and heal the skin, promoting the natural development of a form of protection. According to some tests, the skin seems to improve by 40% , giving long-term effects, which cannot be said of other creams. The serum therefore works not only for the care, but also for the daily healthy maintenance of facial skin. The effectiveness can be appreciated already after 1 month .

Snail slime is also appreciated by all those who are careful to use organic and natural products. It therefore has the ability to stimulate the production of proteins useful for reducing existing damage and maintaining cell turnover against the action of free radicals. In particular, snail slime serum is used for:

  • hydrate the skin thanks to mucopolysaccharides
  • heal lesions with allantoin, collagen and vitamins
  • soothes inflammation with the combination of mucopolysaccharides and proteins
  • regenerates the skin thanks to vitamins and proteins
  • it is anti-aging thanks to collagen, glycolic acid and elastin
  • It is anti-stretch mark and anti-hyperpigmentation thanks to glycolic acid.
  • rebalancing of skin sebum, thanks to its astringent powers.

Why use it together with hemp ?

The oil extracted from hemp seeds is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, Omega-3 and Omega-6 (in optimal balance, in the ratio 1:3), Gamma Linoleic acid, essential amino acids and trace elements. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, such as wheat germ oil and olive oil, but also vitamins A, B1, B2 (riboflavin), PP, C... other antioxidants and phytosterols. We also find mineral salts such as iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.

In particular:

Gamma Linoleic Acid : a fundamental component for our well-being and useful for preventing and combating desquamation, dehydration and keratinization disorders

Vitamin E : antioxidant action, important to counteract the formation of free radicals and skin aging

Omega3-Omega6 polyunsaturated fatty acids : responsible for maintaining proper hydration and the correct hydrolipidic balance

An aspect of particular importance is the fact that the use of cosmetics containing, in their lipid fraction, unsaturated fatty acids, ensures a progressive retarding and elasticising effect, thus guaranteeing a beneficial effect that progresses as the treatment continues. Furthermore, polyunsaturated fatty acids, conveyed in a cosmetic, are responsible for maintaining the right hydration and the correct hydrolipidic balance.

This aspect makes cosmetic preparations based on Hemp Oil particularly precious for skin that tends to dryness , chapping , for mature skin that shows the first signs of aging and all skin that is particularly delicate and sensitive to atmospheric agents (sun, wind, Freddo…).

The oil extracted from hemp seeds is characterized by high fluidity and is easily absorbable without being greasy. Combined with hyaluronic acid or snail slime, it therefore proves to be a more than ideal component of nourishing cosmetic products, such as after-sun and body soaps, restorative and elasticising creams, anti-aging face creams, men's cosmetics dedicated to shaving and body products for intensive and regenerating care .

Serum and cream : we understand the difference

What is the difference and which is better? Which of the two should you use? There is always a doubt about serum or cream when you have to buy a product for daily skin hydration, so we hope to give you some useful advice. The products are both very good, but with slightly different characteristics. The cream is certainly the most basic product, always present in the daily routine, while the serum is a less well-known product and used only by the most experts.

The first difference is in the consistency, also called "texture" of the product. The one from the serum is very light and absorbs immediately, while the one from the cream is more full-bodied. The reason is that the snail slime serum is without the fatty component, as well as having more active ingredient. The hydration goes deep and adapts perfectly to even the oiliest skin. The cream absorbs less quickly and for those with combination or oily skin it can cause shine and sweating.

However, the serum should be used with greater caution, preferably in annual cycles and not for more than 2 consecutive months. It represents a solution to use when the skin is more suffering and the cream is no longer enough. Many people choose to use both products, to obtain a maximum effect, especially if the idea is to use snail slime to combat particular blemishes. The serum is recommended for women over 30 years of age, because given its great restorative abilities it would be useless to use it on young skin.

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