A new CBD decree threatens the hemp sector

Un nuovo decreto sul CBD minaccia il settore della canapa

A new CBD decree threatens the hemp sector

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A new decree on CBD threatens the hemp sector: Raising funds to support consumers and operators

In a significant move, Italy is set to tighten its regulations on the sale and consumption of soft cannabis, commonly known as CBD products. On August 21, a decree was published in the official gazette , signed by Minister Orazio Schillaci, through which the ministry of health requests the inclusion of CBD in the medicines table. As a result of this decree, major changes are looming on the horizon, which are arousing consensus and discontent in various sectors.

Starting September 20, 2023, there will be a notable change in how CBD products will be available for purchase in Italy. The decree dictates that stores currently selling oral cannabidiol products will no longer be allowed to offer such items. Instead, consumers will simply purchase light cannabis to smoke. However, even this option may be short-lived as discussions loom over a potential total ban on the substance.

So what's happening?

With the new regulation, the Ministry of Health has revoked the suspension of the decree of October 1, 2020, which included " compositions for oral administration of cannabidiol (CBD) obtained from cannabis extracts" in the table of medicines attached to the consolidated text on narcotics. With this move, CBD is therefore reclassified as a controlled substance, placing it on a par with a narcotic substance. This means that cannabidiol will appear in the narcotic medicines table and in the future oral CBD products can only be purchased in pharmacies and it will no longer be possible to access them without a medical prescription. This provision could prevent the free circulation of CBD-based foods in Italy and is a move destined to damage only national producers. The announcement sparked mixed reactions, arousing the discontent of various associations, traders, producers, sellers and even tobacconists.

The decision seems to be in complete opposition to the numerous studies on CBD which have shown that it is not a dangerous substance. In fact, unlike THC, research has shown that the effects of CBD are not psychoactive and therefore do not compromise the state of lucidity of those who take it.

"A surprising statement given that CBD does not have a narcotic effect , as a Commission of experts from the World Health Organization had already concluded a few months before the decree and as a ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union in November 2020 had reiterated ", these are the words declared in this regard by the Federcanapa association .

The rationale behind this move lies in the belief that CBD holds therapeutic potential for certain health conditions. As a result, authorities appear to be moving towards treating CBD as a medicine rather than a freely marketable product. This adaptation aims to subject CBD to examination, control and authorization in line with the medical context.

This decision, however, has attracted criticism from many quarters. Opponents argue that the decree will have a significant impact on businesses involved in the production, processing and sale of CBD extracts.

🌿🇮🇹 Support the fight for fair regulation of CBD in Italy 🇮🇹🌿

The Canapa Sativa association has launched a fundraiser and we need your help to protect Italian consumers and operators in the CBD supply chain. The goal is to raise 100,000 euros to support crucial actions in this constantly evolving sector.

🔬 What are the funds raised for? 🔬

1️⃣ Recognition of scientific literature: Your contribution is fundamental to supporting scientific research on the effectiveness of CBD and its harmlessness for public health.

2️⃣ Economic studies: We are conducting cost-benefit analyzes to evaluate different distribution models for CBD products, focusing on models that benefit small-scale, high-quality Italian producers.

3️⃣ Legal Action Fund: We are preparing for legal action, both at national and European level, to counter regulatory issues and disinformation. This includes calls and efforts to ensure clear and fair rules.

💪🇮🇹 Because we need your support

The CBD industry in Italy is facing significant challenges, with regulations that do not reflect the true nature of CBD products. Large foreign companies benefit from it to the detriment of small and medium-sized Italian operators and consumers pay the price.

We believe in a regulated sector that allows Italian producers and traders to work with clear laws that prioritize both product safety and consumer well-being.

🙏 Join us in this fight 🙏

We invite the institutions to dialogue, but we must also prepare to defend ourselves. Together, we can challenge these regulatory ambiguities and ensure that consumers have access to safe and affordable CBD products from Italy.

Your support will allow us to take legal action, present scientific studies and promote responsible trade within the Italian hemp supply chain.

Click here to give your support 💪

Thank you! 🌱💚 #jointherevolution

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