Mango and Cannabis synergy: enhanced effects?

Sinergia Mango e Cannabis: effetti potenziati?

Mango and Cannabis synergy: enhanced effects?

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Have you ever heard of the mango-cannabis combination? In fact, it has long been rumored among the most experienced stoners that consuming mango while using weed amplifies the effects, giving you a long-lasting but controlled high. But what does science say about it? Is it just a placebo effect or does it really work?

If you're a fan of these fruity delights, you'll be happy to learn: the "mango" effect is real !

But what does this incredible combo produce? The answer is clear: Myrcene .

Myrcene is a terpene . And, in fact, it is one of the most important terpenes found in cannabis (especially in Indica- dominant strains , where terpene content can range from 0.5% to 3% more). Myrcene is also a depressant and is thought to act synergistically with THC. And, why do many Indica-dominant strains rich in myrcene tend to produce heavy relaxing highs?

So what the hell are Terpenes?

With more than 500 chemical compounds , cannabis is a complex plant: more than 100 of these chemicals are cannabinoids, such as CBD and THC, while more than double are thought to be terpenes.

Terpenes are found in many plants. They are what give them their unique aroma. Clarissa Leon , culinary editor for AlterNet explains :

"Myrcene is responsible for the aromas of apricots, walnuts and oranges and is widely used in the perfume industry. It is named after the plant and is also found in lemongrass, verbena, hops and the West Indian tree used for rum , while, as we well know, cannabis can take on woody, citrus and fruity aromas. "

Terpenes also produce therapeutic effects, in fact myrcene is not only famous for its sedative effects but also for relaxing muscles and as a natural pain reliever.

Why does myrcene make you more high?

So we know that myrcene is a sedative. And we know it's important in cannabis (and many other plants). But why would the high increase?

The mechanistic action of myrcene is still unclear (and controversial). Many people believe that myrcene helps THC cross the blood-brain barrier more easily. This is a membrane barrier that protects the brain from foreign substances while allowing in essential nutrients.

So it would seem logical that if myrcene helps THC penetrate the blood-brain barrier more easily, mango, rich in myrcene, amplifies the perceived effects. However, some argue that THC is already highly lipophilic, so THC shouldn't need much help to make its effects felt. Despite this, at the moment this theory seems to be the most plausible (and certainly the most popular) explanation. Although there are also other synergistic mechanisms at play, this science is constantly evolving and still does not provide a totally clear answer.

What if you don't like mango?

Who doesn't like mangoes? They are so sweet and delicious! Well, if you don't like mango (de gustibus…), know that it's not the only miracle plant out there: Lemongrass , thyme , parsley and even hops contain significant myrcene content.

There you have it: the mango effect is not a figment of our imagination: it really works. Furthermore, there are other added benefits in favor of this combination: they are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and therapeutic benefits. In short, know that you will be good for your body.

Do you want to stimulate your culinary creativity a little? AllRecipes features nearly 400 mango recipes, including mango & avocado salsa, spicy Indian chicken with mango curry , and even a mango lassi (an Indian yogurt drink).

Bon appetit and have fun!

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