More jobs, tourism and GDP: Croatia's recipe for Legalization

Più posti di lavoro, turismo e PIL : la ricetta della Croazia per la Legalizzazione

More jobs, tourism and GDP: Croatia's recipe for Legalization

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Legalization as an economic and social boost, thanks to the growth of jobs ( here is a study of the economic potential of international legalization), tourism and GDP in Croatia. This is precisely the essence of the legalization proposal of the Social Democratic coalition, which makes cannabis one of the key elements of the electoral campaign for next year.

Davor Bernardic , 39-year-old SDP leader, declared in Parliament: “I believe that with legalization under state control we could achieve further growth in the economy and income which would lead to the creation of new jobs ; the result of the legalization of marijuana would be a further development of the tourism sector, with the growth of agricultural production and GDP".

Davor also commented on industrial hemp, currently still considered among narcotics, underlining: "To date there is still no law that regulates the industrial sector, many give up production, and those producers who continue to grow it complain about the disadvantages towards other European countries, because they cannot use it freely".

In fact, the cultivation of this has suffered a notable decline in the last 5 years, going from 2500 hectares cultivated in 2014, to only a thousand in 2016 (totally in contrast to what is happening in the Bel Paese, where it has increased tenfold - ed. ), this is due of different problems: there are no national certifications of seeds or production, there is no legal production of oil extracted from flowers and not even an import market.

The Croatian climate is very similar to the Greek and Italian ones, making it particularly suitable for the production of hemp. “For this reason it is up to us to find the space to become an EU leader in the business that is growing the fastest, cannabis production - concludes Bernardic - We are a tourist country, given the positive experience of other countries, they should be industrial hemp production and full legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes are on the agenda."

A huge good luck to Croatia, which seems to have embarked on a fair and healthy path!


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