Expo Canapa Sud 2019: Sicily's cannabis fair is about to return!

Expo Canapa Sud 2019: la fiera cannabica della Sicilia sta per tornare!

Expo Canapa Sud 2019: Sicily's cannabis fair is about to return!

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From 26 to 28 April the most important exhibition in Southern Italy dedicated to cannabis which brings to the stage the many applications of the centuries-old plant and enhances its therapeutic effects with scientific conferences

Expo Canapa Sud is called the most important and awaited exhibition in Southern Italy dedicated to hemp, scheduled at the " Le Ciminiere" exhibition center in Catania (piazzale Rocco Chinnici) from 26 to 28 April, which doubles the exhibition spaces and 15 thousand visitors to the last year, confirming itself as a point of reference event in the sector at an international level.

A moment of celebration for families, amateurs, enthusiasts, curious people, professionals and doctors, which will bring on stage the aromas, flavors and multiple applications of this centuries-old plant, in one of the most beautiful lands in the world. From therapeutic cannabis to the grow sector; from cosmetics, to well-being and the new frontiers between textiles, green building and bioremediation.

A gold mine of information, but above all a tempting opportunity for business networking: hundreds of top player companies from all over Europe will have the opportunity to meet with a view to co-production, co-branding and sharing of new techniques and strategies.

This year, the event aims to beat a new record of participants, interested in learning about the most varied products made with hemp: from foodstuffs (pasta, flour, sweets, ice cream) to drinks (wine and beer) , to the materials used for hemp cultivation.

The mission of the event created by Èxpo, a leading company in the organization of trade fair events, is to educate the public regarding innovations and progress regarding the entire supply chain, through the experience of the main hemp production and processing companies, of specialists and authoritative scholars. The latter will explain, during the rich program of scientific conferences, how the administration of the plant, synonymous par excellence with good health, allows us to free ourselves from chronic pain and arthrosis, to fight cognitive deficits and epilepsy and then to counteract the side effects of chemotherapy.


Based on what was declared in multiple articles also in "High Times", the most influential magazine dedicated to hemp in the world, the human organism has an endocannabinoid system: this is made up of receptors that regulate the psychological state, the immune system and much more. other. Precisely to give order to the nervous signals and re-establish the balance distorted by the disease, therapeutic cannabis is administered with two fundamental active ingredients: THC and CBD .

Again according to the authoritative American magazine, when THC molecules act, they manage to alleviate anxieties that are sometimes difficult to calm with the traditional drugs proposed by the industry. Likewise, CBD can relieve important symptoms such as shortness of breath and stiffness in the chest.

All these interesting ideas will be developed through the interventions of prestigious speakers, who will dispel doubts on the topic and inform visitors about the many benefits for man and the environment.


Market Area: the focus of the fair will be dedicated to "Food and drink". This year too, Expo Canapa Sud will pay great attention to hemp-based nutrition, promoting its nutritional properties, such as vegetable proteins and essential amino acids, characteristics that make it a precious choice for anyone interested in following a healthy diet. The "market place" will be the ideal opportunity to learn about the numerous strictly organic products, which can be purchased by visitors, after referring to the info point managed by industry professionals.

An area in which to develop new food for thought, as hemp seeds have been an ingredient in the kitchen from the age of the Romans until the beginning of the last century, especially fundamental in periods of shortage of raw materials and grain such as wars.

Cocktail Bar: A selection of hops and malts combined with hemp flowers and leaves for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Here visitors will be able to relax while savoring new flavors deriving from beer, cocktails and also entertaining themselves with the Popcorn Machine Live.

Live Music: after 6pm the fair changes shape and… “let's listen to music”. If it is true that food and music create sharing, in the southern area of ​​the fair there will also be space to listen together to excellent songs played live by the most prominent bands in the area and observe the chefs who will put on a show with their magnetic and always more innovative.

Come and visit us: you can find us on the first floor at STAND 63 ! ;)

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