"I see Mamamarija as a real mother, for me it is like a religion supplementary to mine, a key to enter my true world": a chat with Psycho Yachi

"Io vedo Mamamarija come una vera e propria madre, per me è come una religione supplementare alla mia, una chiave per entrare nel mio vero mondo": quattro chiacchiere con Psycho Yachi

"I see Mamamarija as a real mother, for me it is like a religion supplementary to mine, a key to enter my true world": a chat with Psycho Yachi

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Ok, we admit it: we are biased. In fact, when we listened to some pieces of Psycho Yachi and saw some excerpts, we said to ourselves: "This one is going to be a blast!". We were totally enchanted by the creativity that emerges from his lyrics and his figure, so we didn't miss the chance to have a chat.

This is what came out when we asked Yachar (this is her real name) to talk a little about herself, her dreams and her relationship with Cannabis. :

“My real name is Yachar Mejri, I am 100% Tunisian, I was born in Tunisia, I am writing, poetry and marijuana... they have been my salvation. When you grow up in a toxic environment you can decide whether to take the bad path of growing up in a difficult family environment, which would be too long to explain.

I grew up alone, with only the support of myself, dance, music, the right path and unfortunately many times I took the wrong one.

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I have done and suffered many bad things and many things that helped me to be who I am now. I have always suffered bullying and social isolation, because I was the little girl, curly, foreign, and ugly, to whom no one had ever wanted to talk or listen, so everything that I didn't say to people over the years, I wrote, 'I danced, I smoked it, I sang it.

What I dream of is not fame or money or the perks of being a famous person, what I dream of is revenge for all the time I was silent .

I dream of being able to help people like me to have the courage to no longer be afraid of being true, real till I die, true until I die, this is who I am and what I want to be, and what my artistic career until now he has demonstrated what I really am, and what I will always be.

I don't know if my dream will ever come true, but in my own small way I'm already doing it. And I hope I can do it big.

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I started smoking at 14, I don't regret it, because it was a support for me, but not all of us are the same and it's subjective. I see Mamamarija as a real mother , for me it is like a religion supplementary to mine, a key to enter my true world, to be able to discover things that even I didn't know I could write or say, movements that I didn't know I could do. , sounds that I have never been able to listen to, small perceptions that expand my mind more and more.

Marijuana helped me gain full control of my mind . I don't use it for recreational, or healing, or a thousand other purposes, but I use it for a spiritual, emotional and perceptive purpose.

There is so much ignorance about this, but they are not to blame, why? Because unfortunately they live in a way of stereotypes inflicted by a manipulative and, believe me, cruel society, they are forced to believe in principles that without their knowledge can be destroyed in seconds, simply by seeing the way in a different perspective.

But they can't see because they don't want to, because they feel comfortable in that bubble that they believe is right, because knowing more would change too many things, and they are afraid of changes .

But the world is different and we are the world .”

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