Does CBD Oil Work? A woman shares her experience

L'olio di CBD funziona? Una donna condivide la propria esperienza

Does CBD Oil Work? A woman shares her experience

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The Cannabis industry is growing rapidly. Cannabis CBD oil is one of the most popular hemp products in the health field due to its benefits. Extracted from hemp seeds, it contains many vitamins and minerals, making it a fantastic natural supplement. Since it has low THC content, it gives you all the benefits of hemp without the psychoactive effects. There are also other plants that contain CBD that are not hemp!

It interacts with the body via the endocannabinoid system or ECS. This system regulates the state of the body and affects mood, sleep, appetite, hormone regulation, pain control and immune response. It is also a natural anti-inflammatory. Modern science is becoming more aware of these benefits and is using CBD oil to treat diseases such as eczema , Alzheimer 's, and type 1 diabetes . A child in Ireland also managed to cure his severe epilepsy using CBD oil and has now gone more than 250 days without seizures.

It has amazing benefits and is completely legal, ships all over the United States, so you don't need a medical card to purchase it. Many people are trying it for the first time to help with everyday problems, such as pain, or to sleep better. Tamara Pridgett, a millennial living in New York, is one of these people. She came across it, was intrigued and decided to try it.

Tamara and Her Experience with Hemp CBD Oil

Tamara always strives to look and feel her best, but always being as busy as she is can make it difficult at times. Between her new job, her personal training business, and other hobbies, her health was put on hold, and she suffered the consequences. He stumbled across a Mineral Health product called “Robyn,” a type of CBD oil said to promote balance, healing and calm. She started taking it to help her find balance in her mind and body, and has found that it has 3 beautiful effects on her.

  1. Sleep Better

The first time Tamara tried CBD oil was after a grueling 19-hour day consisting of client workouts, exercise, and writing. Wanting to test the oil, she took the recommended dosage for restful sleep and went to sleep. She states that “I woke up the next morning feeling surprisingly refreshed . It was the first time in more than three months that I had slept through the night.” As someone who wakes up numerous times during the night, she was happy to find that she slept until morning, and even found that she was able to sleep better.

2. Effective Pain Management

Being a personal trainer, Tamara's workouts are often very intense. He loves running, lifting weights and doing half marathons, but his recovery process has been poor lately. After running a 5K marathon and lifting weights, she decided to take a dose of CBD oil to see if it would help with the pain management she usually experiences after a workout. It worked! Instead of feeling the muscles cry in pain, it felt “like they had received a five-star massage.” She was able to tie her shoes without any pain and felt well enough to train again the next day.

3. Improved Concentration

Being a busy woman, Tamara's brain is always working. She says: “There are days when I can't focus on anything except my thoughts, unfinished work, and being alone.” He decided to take a few drops of CBD oil before going to work and found that his day was much more productive. It even helped her with her writing, allowing her to focus on her words and get through all the “verbal vomit.”

Overall, Tamara enjoyed her experience and believes that taking CBD oil had a positive effect on her body and mind. She doesn't take it religiously, but concludes: "I know that whenever I feel stressed or just need a good night's sleep, I will be able to find a balance."


Tamara's experience is one of many that demonstrates how hemp CBD oil can be a natural remedy for many ailments. But before you start it's very important to talk to your doctor and do some research to make sure it's right for you.

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