The 4 gift ideas for an "alternative" Christmas

Le 4 idee regalo per un Natale "alternativo"

The 4 gift ideas for an "alternative" Christmas

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Finding the “right” gift for your loved one can often be nerve-wracking, especially in an age where we have practically everything.

Invest your time to think, before wasting it on useless wanderings or on the first thing you find. A gift also shows how much you care about the recipient, how much effort you put into finding what you think they might appreciate, even without spending a fortune and sometimes, even without spending even a single euro.

In this article we provide you with some ideas, focusing on a series of products, obviously obtained from our favorite plant: Hemp. Ideas that are certainly different from the standard, which we hope can help you. Precisely for this reason and to simplify your choice, we have decided to divide them into categories, depending on the recipient(s):

For enthusiasts: CANAPA BOX

If the recipient of the present is a curious enthusiast, we have the solution for you: the Hemp Box , in 5,10 and 25 gram formats chosen from our best inflorescences. In addition to these, you will find everything you need inside:

- 6, 10 or 25 grams chosen from our best strains

- Blunts randomly chosen from our collection

- Packs of papers or roll paper of different brands Raw, Bulldogg, Greenhouse, etc. ;

- Clipper Limited Edition lighter + a Mamamary lighter;

- Grinder ;

- Discount Coupon + Stickers and various accessories.



In recent years there has been a real boom in vaporizers: smokers who have tried them have never looked back.

And they are right: the advantages of using a vaporizer are many in terms of health , savings and even more importantly the pleasantness of the experience! Surely the main reason that drives many people around the world to fight smoking addiction is health.

Vaporizers evaporate the herb, releasing all its properties but without burning it: in this way the dangerous toxins released by the combustion of a cigarette or joint are not formed.

However, when you heat marijuana to boiling the vapor contains up to 95% cannabinoid particles and not a single leaf is wasted. Furthermore, many vaporizers are very indiscreet and allow use even on the street.

We distinguish two macro-categories: the classic vaporizers, which use chopped flowers (according to our experience we recommend the small MAGIC FLIGHT , entirely made of handmade wood, or the more technological PAX 3 ) or those that use " e-liquid" , i.e. CBD concentrates with variable percentages of active ingredient, generally from 10% up to 60%. For the latter case, there are practical pens already prepared or it is possible to use the liquid in a common electronic cigarette.

For the whole family : COSMETICS WITH HEMP

Do you want to make people who may be distant from this world appreciate the benefits of hemp? We are sure that cosmetic products can conquer the most sceptical. In fact, thanks to their totally natural composition, which therefore avoids any artificial component harmful to health, and to the high content of unsaturated fatty acids ( Omega 3 and Omega 6 ), they are able to be a great help for all skin types. , especially if sensitive or damaged. In particular, the presence of linoleic acid (LA), alpha-linolenic acid (LNA) and the rare gamma linolenic acid (GLA) and their marked anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties, helps for the treatment and prevention of skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, to mitigate skin irritations and to avoid or reduce the formation of scars. Some of these have had great success among the public, such as the Regenerating Cream and the Anti-Wrinkle Cream for Men , enriched with Q10 and natural ingredients such as bitter orange, sandalwood and jojoba oil. Another very interesting product, thanks to its benefits on skin, hair and against stress, is Cosmetic Hemp Seed Oil , enriched with clementine mandarin and grapefruit, also perfect for messages and muscle recovery.

For the whole family: HEMP-BASED FOODS

Among cereals there is still little knowledge regarding the use of industrial hemp as a food with extraordinary properties. The cultivation of sativa hemp and its transformation, with its uses in the agri-food, as well as commercial and environmental fields, is aimed at recovering a centuries-old Italian tradition, which has now almost disappeared. What is called a seed is actually the fruit of the plant. They are used 'decorticated', i.e. without the seed coat, because compared to whole ones they contain more fatty acids and proteins and are currently the simplest product to transform and market. Of all food processing, flour is the one that allows the most familiar and creative use of the seed. Furthermore, it has a lower caloric intake than that of wheat flour, as the energy is mainly provided by proteins rather than starch.

Hemp seeds have important nutritional properties. First of all, they contain large quantities of vegetable proteins and essential amino acids with high biological value; they are a natural source of dietary fibre ; they contain important B vitamins: B1, B2, B6, vitamin D and vitamin E. Finally, they are a source of potassium and phosphorus.

The fats contained in the seeds, from which hemp oil is also extracted, are fats made up of Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9. All these essential nutrients give hemp seeds anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties . The use of hemp seeds in the diet strengthens the nervous system and helps fight various diseases (asthma, acne, cholesterol, etc.). Due to all these characteristics, the use of these foods are particularly suitable for those who follow a vegan or high-protein diet (athletes and athletes). Excellent products are obtained from hemp flour, already widespread in our diet in the classic version, such as freselle , piadine and pasta (rigotoni , spaghetti and fettuccine ).

Furthermore, for those who want to obtain all the relaxing benefits and combat the frequent ailments of modern life such as migraines, nausea, sleep disorders, muscle cramps, etc., an excellent gift could be CBD oil , totally natural and extracted with most sophisticated methods of the moment.

We are sure that with these "tips" your gifts will certainly have a different touch. JOIN THE REVOLUTION ;)


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