The Supreme Court overturns everything: light Cannabis can be grown, sold and smoked!

La Cassazione ribalta tutto: la Cannabis light si può coltivare, vendere e fumare!

The Supreme Court overturns everything: light Cannabis can be grown, sold and smoked!

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The Supreme Court: «Cannabis light is legal and you can smoke». The Supreme Court specified in a ruling that if the cultivation of cannabis with a THC percentage of less than 0.6% is legal and food and cosmetic uses are legal, then " other uses not mentioned are not prohibited ".

If it is legal to sell, it is legal to use it . This is the principle expressed by the Supreme Court, which intervened in a ruling on the issue of light cannabis, canceling a preventive seizure against a tobacconist in Civitanova Marche.

The subject of the Supreme Court ruling is "Light" Cannabis, so called because it contains a percentage of THC (i.e. the psychotropic part) within 0.6%, while with a variable rate of CBD (this does not produce the typical "high" , but it only has beneficial effects ) whose cultivation is permitted. "It is completely obvious - writes the Court - that marketing is permitted for the hemp products subject to support". And consequently, adds the Supreme Court, even if the law explicitly mentions food and cosmetic uses, the reference " does not imply that other uses not mentioned are in themselves prohibited ", such as smoking.

The ruling goes in the opposite direction compared to another from the same Court, which had specified that law 242 of 2016 (concerning the cultivation and agro-industrial supply chain of hemp), to which it refers, did not make the marketing of marijuana legal at all and hashish with a low active ingredient. Now therefore the Supreme Court specifies that in the case of a THC percentage lower than 0.6%, the substance is not considered " as producing legally relevant narcotic effects ", and its sale is therefore legal .

The sentence comes in a period in which controls and related seizures are increasingly stringent, with very few protections both for those who carry out this activity in full compliance with the (not very clear) laws in force, and for all users who use it.

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