Cannabis and training: what happens?

Cannabis ed allenamento: cosa succede?

Cannabis and training: what happens?

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Do you think it is contradictory to consume Cannabis in conjunction with physical exercise? Well that's not really the case, in fact science says the opposite!

In fact, contrary to what one might think, research has shown that the combination of marijuana and physical exercise is not bad at all, in fact it would even lead to benefits. Why?


Mental state

Coaches and researchers maintain that the mental state is fundamental for every effort, especially at a competitive level, as demonstrated also by those who practice Yoga. In our experience, physical training isn't the first thing that comes to mind after having a joint. However, it is a common feeling after smoking one or more, that of total relaxation, with an almost immediate desire to call our trusted pizzeria, perhaps while watching the series of the moment. Not exactly the best of fitness! According to the Men's Health Forum , however, he loves combining marijuana consumption with a bit of healthy physical training, knowing the benefits this has on him.

In fact, many users have reported how the herb allows them, during training, to enter a phase of absolute concentration , which would allow regular athletes, especially at a certain level, not to get caught up in the monotony of exercise but to maintain the rhythm , becoming in perfect harmony with your body and your muscles.

The negative posts on the forum thread were all left by non-smokers who have never experienced the thrill of consuming our favorite plant, but who base their thesis on the dangers of smoking and its harmful effects on the lungs and arteries. Absolutely respectable arguments which, however, could be quickly countered by those who use "edibles", e-liquids and vaporizers.

Inside the blog there is an interesting testimony from a consumer, who told of when he and his friends went to do gymnastics after a smoking session and how he discovered that he was absolutely unable to concentrate, while his companions they immediately immersed themselves profitably in training. This is because, as we know well and as we always like to underline, the effects are completely subjective, varying from individual to individual. Our advice remains to try, without exaggerating and to test the effects, understanding if and how our body reacts positively. If not, it means that it will be better to abandon this combo! ;)


If you have some knowledge about the right training and optimizing results, then you will also know the importance that sleep has on muscular/mental recovery and the rejuvenation of the body. As now confirmed by many sources, research has shown that Cannabis cannabinoids are able to simulate natural brain activity, regulating and improving sleep. In fact, scientists have discovered that it helps people fall asleep earlier, even an hour earlier than average, also increasing the duration of the deep sleep phase (i.e. the period of rest during which the body regenerates the most).


Another fundamental piece of correct training is metabolism, which is also totally personal and subjective.

A study conducted with an Inuit community (Arctic people descended from the Thule, in which a large percentage of natives regularly consume Cannabis) highlighted how smokers seem to have a higher metabolism and, generally, a BMI (Body Mass Index: biometric data, expressed as the ratio between weight and the square of an individual's height and is used as an indicator of the lowest ideal weight status, despite a high calorie consumption. Also relevant is the rate of obesity and diabetes, which in this type of society is extremely low .

Chemical hunger

Even the damned/beloved munchies may finally have found their positive side. In fact, when they try to increase their muscle mass, athletes often go into crisis due to continuous food intake, which becomes necessary to maintain their strength. From time to time, consuming a joint can be a way to exploit the resulting hunger by transforming it into an opportunity to refuel your muscles.

As also seen in the article on Athletes and the use of CBD, there are many people who have become spokespersons for the good combination of Cannabis and physical exercise ( Joe Rogan of the UFC and the gold medal snowboarder Ross Rebagliati ).
When it comes to deciding what works best for your body and related training, listen first to what your body needs, with gradual and precise tests.


If you are among the "lucky" ones who can enjoy it, why not take a couple of puffs to better cope with the gym? ;)

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