BioVapo: the best way to connect to your plant

BioVapo: il miglior modo per connetterti alla tua pianta

BioVapo: the best way to connect to your plant

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"We are inspired by the whisper of nature and the need to connect with it, to contemplate it and heal it."

When I met the BioVapo at this year's Canapa Mundi (article here), it was love at first sight: a very simple product, the best hand-crafted pyrex glass (technically borosilicate), which in just a few minutes gives you the thrill of a vaporizer costing hundreds of euros. True, there are no screens and temperature controls, but there is you, your "device", plant matter and a heat source. Nothing else.

In agreement with the team, we decided to mention him in our article, convinced that "this boy will go the distance". What came out of those few simple digital words was a succession of knowledge, passions and hearts. I immediately wrote to Stefano, CEO of the Italian company based in Andalusia, complimenting the product and the same thing happened to me as with Canapamundi: "love" at first sight.
Stefano is an overwhelming person, who exudes energy from every pore, capable of transmitting positivity even with a simple "good morning".

We therefore decided to let the world discover this beautiful reality, with content that can be enjoyed by everyone and that tries to convey the ethics behind the company and what the Cannabis world should be: a synchrony between Nature and Man, "promoting a new culture based on the intelligent and efficient use of plants, through ecological tools. And here we are. :)

BioVapo was born from the international experience of Stefano, partner and founder of the company, who years ago decided to take part in various social projects in Latin America until he arrived in Medellin in Colombia, a city particularly hit socio-economically by the sadly known facts of past decades. He tells me that many young people there deal on the streets for the so-called "combos", the mafia cartels, and make heavy use of Cannabis. “In Medellin there is a lot of smoking” Stefano tells me. This is a reality that is impossible to eliminate. A reality which, in addition to giving fictitious futures to many young people, is burdened by the continuous and daily habit of burning.

Stefano and his Colombian friends have therefore developed, with their great passion for Cannabis and the world of plants, a clean instrument that integrates the synthesis of nature and manual skills in the most perfect way, maintaining an extremely pure and healthy style. If it is not possible to eliminate a deep-rooted social structure, it is possible to eliminate combustion and educate on the conscious use of Cannabis and all the other plants that mother nature offers us. The inspiration comes from natural raw materials coming from grains of sand incubated in the ocean. The quartz sand elevated to high temperatures and in the hands of artists transforms into a consciousness that they wanted to call Biovapo .

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The device then evolved into three versions: Express, Plus and Touch.

Biovapo Express is the distinctive model. A simple and minimalist design that achieved a pleasant reception and a strong outcome.

It represents a starting point in the vaporization process for both beginners and experts and is characterized by its simplicity, portability and elegance. Its practical size and cylindrical design allow for efficient energy transfer. All this gives the possibility of obtaining important results with minimal energy expenditure.


Biovapo Plus : ideal for the most demanding and curious users. With its extra capacity it allows you to discover new alternatives for steam storage. The technique consists of not inhaling the vapor from Biovapo directly, but blowing it into a container. This process produces a naturally cooled vapor, which when accumulated allows users to better perceive characteristics such as flavor, smell and density derived from the plant that has been used. This technique has been called “indirect vaporization” or “vapor storage”, and is an excellent technique for optimally attenuating and cooling vapors.

Biovapo Touch : It is the perfect tool for those who want to reach the limit. The Touch model will allow you to know the quality of your plants and discover in a different way the biochemistry that you had ignored until now. It allows additional cooling of vapors thanks to a larger condensation area. Its design is sophisticated and incorporates a special rim at its edges that adds elegance and a more robust sensation between the lips, uniquely improving the entry of vapor to offer the best possible flavor. You can load it from both sides ergonomically and quickly.

In short, can a glass straw have all these functions? That's right. We asked ourselves this question too and we were literally left with our mouths open and our pupils wide open: a feeling of total freedom of being able to do what you want with it.

We don't want to give you spoilers, but here you can find a series of tips and functions for "geeks" that, believe us, will literally make you fall in love! ;)


We remind you that you can meet Stefano and the whole BioVapo Team at the IndicaSativa Trade in Bologna, at stand P126!

We close it as he would: “POSITIVE VIBES & LOVE, ALWAYS!”

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