5 TV Series for a unique MamaMary Experience

5 Serie Tv per una MamaMary Experience unica

5 TV Series for a unique MamaMary Experience

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You're on the couch and you want to start relaxing (😏) but you don't really know what to watch.

How many times has this happened to you?

Don't worry, this time MamaMary will recommend 5 perfect TV series for an evening of total chill.

Between unmissable titles, great classics and more particular elements that perhaps you didn't know about, it will be a mystical journey that will accompany your MamaMary Experience 😎

READY? Let's begin:

1- BREAKING BAD (2008)

Let's start with the great classics, Breaking Bad doesn't need much introduction: it represents a milestone in the world of TV series and anyone who hasn't seen it yet is missing out on a piece of history.

It's about a man on the verge of death, but also about a family man, about a brilliant and sharp mind and how this person turns into one of the most brutal methamphetamine producers and dealers in New Mexico.

The atmosphere is overwhelming and transports you to a world of dark hues and constant twists: if you're looking for something to binge watch all night, this is the right choice.

2- DISJOINTED (2017)

Speaking of unmissable TV series, Disjointed (or “Sballati” the title in Italian) is certainly one of those that we friends of Mary can't help but watch.

The series is about a group of incredible characters who try to make a shop that sells medical cannabis successful. To make the activity work they will invent many solutions and this is one of the funniest parts of the series.

Captivating and extremely ironic, it is a light product but with a very strong social impact and will win you over from the first moment.


Explaining The Midnight Gospel is complicated, but certainly, in the chaos of cookie-cutter TV series, it is a rare pearl.

The series includes 8 episodes of twenty minutes each. Each episode is self-contained and takes you on a colorful journey through the most disparate themes: we talk about meditation, death, drugs, magic and much more. The animated style must not be deceiving: the screenplay is of the most refined and will illuminate some parts of reality that perhaps were previously dark. A TV series where you can get lost and find yourself at the crack of dawn, still on the sofa, with a billion ideas in your head.

4- THE OFFICE (2005)

We may be biased due to the love we feel for Ricky Gervais (creator of the original English series), but The Office is truly one of the funniest American sitcoms of the last century.

The series is structured as a documentary that aims to illustrate the life of a boss and his group of employees of a company that works in the paper sector. If the plot seems almost boring, the episodes will surprise you with their intelligence and the incredible comic moments will keep you glued to the screen all the time. We recommend watching it in the original language but it is also worth watching in dubbed version.


To finish on a high note, we add Bojack Horseman to the unmissable series. It's about the story of Bojack, a man with a horse's head who is very famous in Hollywood and who is trying to figure out how to continue his life after the series that made him famous has ended. Those who know it know it: at the beginning it seems like one of those zany cartoons you just laugh at, but as the seasons pass the tone of the series changes completely to become full of meaning, power and intensity. It will make you laugh, cry and reflect on what it means to find yourself in a reality that seems to make no sense.

Have you already chosen the one you will see?

Write it below with a comment and suggest other TV series that we haven't mentioned!

Maybe they will be used for a PART 2 😉

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