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Collectible Feminized Cannabis Seeds: Tsunami Haze THC

Collectible Feminized Cannabis Seeds: Tsunami Haze THC

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The Haze selected by Quantamon Seeds was created for lovers of the sativa genre. Tsunami Haze was obtained by crossing two original strains, Sour Diesel and a “secret” strain of Haze. The result is the result of meticulous selection, what is first noticed about this strain is its strong acidic odor often characterized by pungent gusts.
The plant that derives from this seed generally has a predominantly vertical and not very branched structure. During the flowering which arrives towards the end of the life cycle, large flowers covered with crystals are produced which for the most part are concentrated in the dense and enormous apical top.
Tsunami Haze represents a strain of rare beauty that can be compared to a true thoroughbred horse, a candidate to become a reference in the global panorama of cannabis seeds.

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