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Collectible Feminized Cannabis Seeds: QuintaKush THC: 24.00% CBD

Collectible Feminized Cannabis Seeds: QuintaKush THC: 24.00% CBD

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One of a kind, it is one of the most significant hybrids from Quantamon Seeds. All hemp varieties belonging to the Kush genetics come from a remote area of ​​our planet, namely the mountainous region of the Himalayas known as Hindu Kush, located between the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan.
The plant that derives from the Quintakush seed is very versatile and resistant to climatic factors, homogeneous with very dense branches, and inflorescences full of crystalline resin. A variety for all growers! It gives off an intense odor with a marked sweetish note and the aftertaste of spices characteristic of the Afghan lineage.
Over the years, many crosses have lost the original power that gave Kush so much popularity but Quantamon seeds, through the creation of this hybrid, has allowed it to regain its true nature!

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