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Halo "Daybreak"

Halo "Daybreak"

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🚀 Are you looking for an alternative to combustion that can give you the same effects? We have what you are looking for:


- Grown, harvested, extracted, formulated and produced in the USA using organic Colorado hemp;

- practical and easy to take wherever you go;

- prolonged use over time with the possibility of charging via USB ;

- refillable ( you can find the cartridges here )

- fragrance free.

An energizing effect that can take you to the moon right in your pocket? It is possible with this variety. Among the Halo Pens this one is perfect if you are looking for stimulation, the dynamism of its effects will make your head spin😏

It is a pen that contains a very strong CBD extract: just turn it on, press the button 5 times to allow the oil to heat up and wait to enter another world. The Halo vaporizer is an innovative device whose formula, developed in Colorado, was then distributed throughout the world. The mechanism it uses as an alternative to the standard combustion one allows you to keep all the cannabinoids within the inhalation and avoid substances harmful to the body.

Inside you will find:

  • 500 mg;
  • 1ml pre-filled;
  • 380 mAh battery.

This latest MamaMary novelty takes the relaxation experience to another level, practical and very simple to use, turn it on and enjoy a carousel of emotions that from Colorado to Italy are driving every consumer crazy.

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