Differences in cultivation: Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Differenze nella coltivazione: Indica, Sativa o Ibrida?

Differences in cultivation: Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

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One of the main joys of growing your own cannabis is that you can personally choose the strains you're interested in. However, not all strains were created equally, and depending on the genetics, the plant you want to grow may not be the best choice for your garden. Indica, sativa, and the many hybrid strains between the two grow very differently, take different times to flower, and generate a different end product.

We've already talked about the different types of cannabis, so what's there to hope about growing each?

Growing Cannabis Indica Strains

The traits of a typical cannabis indica plant are:

  • Shorter flowering time
  • Abundant harvest
  • Effect: Sedating , relaxing
  • Reduces the symptoms of: Anxiety , insomnia , pain , muscle spasms
  • Morphology: Low, bushy, wider leaves

Due to its shorter flowering time and larger yield, indica has always been popular among growers. Shorter flowering periods mean the plants mature and finish growing sooner than sativa strains. This allows gardens to survive in environments where the climate quickly transitions from autumn to winter. For indoor gardeners, it means having multiple annual cycles. The larger harvest incentivizes growers to work with indica to increase profit margins. Additionally, a benefit of growing indica is its short stature, which is ideal for most indoor and outdoor gardens where space is limited and direct sunlight is the highest priority.

Growing Cannabis Sativa Strains

The traits of a typical cannabis sativa plant are:

  • Longer flowering time
  • Poor harvests
  • Effects: Comforting, creative, cerebral
  • Reduces the symptoms of: Depression , attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, fatigue, mood disorders
  • Morphology: Tall , slender, thin leaves

Sativa genetics come from near the equator, where summers are long and winters mild. The Sativa grows tall, slim, and takes its time to grow. Generally, it is not the first choice for those who want to grow, as its height creates difficulties indoors, and the poor harvest reduces profits. However, if you are more interested in growing as a connoisseur, you may find great pleasure in exploring sativa strains and their different effects.

Sativa also has some good qualities when it comes to growth. The time it takes for sativa to finish its flowering cycle can be compensated for by more plant growth. Additionally, some purebred sativa plants have been developed to have faster flowering times and larger yields. Coming from the equator, sativa strains handle heat better than most indica strains, which is good for those who want to grow indoors, where temperature control is difficult or expensive in the summer months.

Growing Hybrid Cannabis Strains

The traits of hybrid cannabis plants are:

  • Variable flowering times
  • Many have bountiful harvests
  • Effects: Mixed between sativa and indica traits
  • Reduces the Symptoms of: Varies based on genetic traits
  • Morphology: broad spectrum of growth modes

Hybrids combine the best of both worlds of cannabis plants. Most cannabis these days tends to be a hybrid mix of different indica and sativa strains. Very often, however, they tend towards one side of the spectrum, and therefore have dominant traits typical of indica or sativa.

Hybrids can inherit the shorter flowering time of the indica while maintaining the hallucinatory effect offered by the sativa. They can also have quality yields like the indica, while still having the fast plant growth of the sativa. Since hybrids can mix the attributes of both strains, it's no wonder they occupy the majority of the market.

Do you grow your indica, sativa and hybrid strains differently? Share your tips and questions in the comments! ;)

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