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Super Skunk Feminized Cannabis Seeds THC Fast Seeds | THC 17-23% - MamaMary

Super Skunk Feminized Cannabis Seeds THC Fast Seeds | THC 17-23% - MamaMary

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Super Skunk Feminized: A Classic Cannabis Strain

Super Skunk is an iconic cannabis strain with a long history and a well-established reputation among growers. In this guide, we'll explore all the essential information about growing Super Skunk, from its distinctive flavor to its potent effects.

Cannabis Cup winner Super Skunk is one of the truly classic cannabis strains. Its autoflowering version allows for quick fruiting, offering a convenient and high-quality growing experience. The genetic basis of most cannabis varieties starts from this strain. Thanks to its well-established genetic roots, it is possible to grow Super Skunk successfully in various conditions. This variety, a hybrid between indica and sativa, was carefully developed by expert breeders who laid the genetic foundations for many other varieties. During flowering, Super Skunk extends only slightly, completing its flowering cycle quickly. With its launch in 1990, it quickly gained popularity among growers for its distinctive qualities. Super Skunk plants can produce powerful and distinct effects, ideal for both experienced users and beginners.

Super Skunk Feminized Fast Flowering Strain Seeds

Super Skunk is a feminized hemp seed strain that is highly regarded for its ease of cultivation and its ability to produce large yields. Thanks to its well-selected Skunk genetics, this strain offers a great balance between physical and cerebral effects. Its seeds are especially popular among indoor growers, but can also be successfully grown outdoors in warm climates.

Discover the Secrets of Breeding with Super Skunk Seeds

Super Skunk breeding played a fundamental role in the development of classic cannabis strains. Sensi Seeds, Royal Queen Seeds and Humboldt Seed Company are just some of the pioneers in this field. These seeds produce robust, easy-to-grow cannabis plants with a relatively short flowering period, ideal for less experienced growers. Super Skunk genetics offer a large yield, growing up to 2 m and can produce a very large and abundant yield, especially noticeable in large main colas.

During flowering, Super Skunk shows uniformity in the bud structure and a well-defined phenotype, thanks to the solid genetic foundations laid by crosses between classic varieties such as Skunk 1 and Shiva Skunk. This selection process laid the foundations for the Skunk family, one of the most famous in the world of cannabis.

Super Skunk feminized offers excellent quality, a unique aroma and an abundant amount of resin, with lemony and earthy notes. With its short flowering time this cannabis strain is ready for harvest relatively quickly, ensuring very high possible yields.

Autoflowering Seeds vs Fast Flowering

Autoflowering and fast-flowering marijuana seeds, also known as "fast flowering", have some significant differences in their growth cycle and genetics.

Autoflowering seeds are genetically predisposed to begin the flowering process based on the age of the plant, rather than in response to changes in sunlight. This means that regardless of environmental conditions, autoflowering plants will automatically transition into the flowering phase within a certain period of time, usually 2-4 weeks after germination. This makes them ideal for growers who want quick crop rotation or who have space and time limitations.

On the other hand, fast-flowering seeds, as the name suggests, produce plants that flower in a shorter period of time than traditional strains, but not as automatically as autoflowering ones. These seeds can be hybrids or varieties selected to have a shorter flowering time than average for their species. They may require a change in light cycle to transition into the flowering phase, but this period is still shorter than standard strains.

Taste and Smell of Super Skunk

Super Skunk's distinctive aroma is characterized by earthy and spicy base notes, with a hint of sweetness. Its smell is intense and penetrating, with a scent that fills the environment with its unique fragrance. During the flowering phase, the plant exudes a scent that is immediately recognizable and highly appreciated by growers.

Growing Super Skunk

Growing Super Skunk can be a challenge, but with the right knowledge and techniques, it is a rewarding strain to grow. This plant has a vigorous growth pattern and tends to be quite disease and insect resistant. However, it is important to pay attention to the specific needs of the plant during the flowering period to maximize possible yields.

Effects of Super Skunk

The effects of Super Skunk are powerful and long-lasting, with an excellent combination of physical and cerebral sensations. This strain is known to induce a relaxing euphoria and overall feeling of well-being. Its high levels of THC make it particularly suitable for relaxing after a long day or for relieving stress and anxiety.

Product Reviews and Conclusions

In conclusion, Super Skunk cannabis seeds allow you to grow a versatile and popular hemp strain, ideal for growers of all experience levels. With its distinctive aroma, potent effects and ease of cultivation, this strain is perfectly suited to every grower's needs. Buy Super Skunk seeds online now and find out why it is one of the most popular and famous strains in the world.


THC : 17-23%

Indoor : 500gr/mt2 > 7.5 weeks

Outdoor : 500gr/plant > end of September


How to germinate cannabis seeds?

Germination is a very easy process when the seeds are of good quality. It is therefore important to store the seeds correctly, and keep them in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. To germinate hemp seeds, among the numerous germination techniques an optimal way is the paper towel method. The seeds are placed on a damp paper towel and covered with another napkin to keep them moist. Seeds usually germinate at temperatures between 70°f and 90°f.

Where to buy cannabis seeds?

You can find a wide range of high quality indica and sativa seeds from our farms in our online shop.

What are the differences between regular, feminized and autoflowering seeds?

Cannabis seeds can be categorized into different types based on their genetic characteristics and the way the plants grow.

Regular seeds can develop into both male and female plants. Female plants produce cannabinoid-rich flowers, while males produce pollen to pollinate the females.

Feminized seeds have been genetically modified to produce only female plants, thus eliminating the need to identify and remove male plants during growth.

Fast seeds have been bred to have a shorter growth cycle than traditional seeds, usually shortening the flowering period and allowing for quicker harvests.

Autoflowering strain seeds produce plants that enter the flowering phase automatically based on the age of the plant, rather than in response to specific light cycles. This means they can flower regardless of the length of day or night, resulting in a shorter life cycle and faster harvests.

Which stores can sell cannabis seeds?

At MamaMary stores it is possible to buy selected cannabis seeds choosing from a wide range of feminized autoflowering seeds.

What are the advantages of choosing feminized cannabis seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds ensure a greater probability of obtaining female plants, which produce inflorescences rich in cannabinoids such as CBD.

What are cannabis hybrids?

Cannabis hybrids are crosses between different strains, combining the desired characteristics of both “parents” to create a new strain with unique characteristics.

How to store cannabis seeds?

To store seeds optimally, it is important to follow a few simple steps. Once you obtain the seeds, store them in a cool, dark place to preserve their quality. It is advisable to use airtight containers to protect them from humidity and light, which could compromise their germination. Also, avoid exposing the seeds to sudden changes in temperature and store them away from sources of excessive heat, such as vaporizers. Remember that each variety of seeds, whether CBD feminized, autoflowering or photoperiod, has similar storage needs and that a wide choice of high-quality seeds is available online on our site

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