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CBD oil for PET

CBD oil for PET

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MamaMary also for the health of your animals

🐾Do you want to discover a natural alternative to caring for your pet?

MamaMary CBD Pet Oil is totally organic, Made in Italy and extracted from the best varieties of hemp.

Its formula is totally natural, with zero chemicals .

The minerals present include: Potassium, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Phosphorus and microelements.

It contains only the complex extract of Cannabis Sativa L flowers and this will allow your little friend to relax without having other unwanted effects.

Much research has been conducted on the topic, highlighting the beneficial effects of CBD oil on animals as an antiarthritic ( Gamble LJ et al (2018), reducer of nausea (Bolognini D et al (2013) and anxiety symptoms (Zuardi, Karniol 1983). Hartsel, et al. (2019), Kogan et al. (2019) and Xu et al. (2019) also noted its effects on pain tolerance and reduction and mood disorders.

Every year thousands of owners use it to treat the most diverse symptoms of their pets and many scientific articles are present on the topic to demonstrate its enormous potential.🐾

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