Cannabis Gin: a fantastic all-Italian product

Cannabis Gin: un fantastico prodotto tutto italiano

Cannabis Gin: a fantastic all-Italian product

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While alcohol multinationals are investing in the thriving cannabis sector overseas, our favorite plant with a thousand uses is also starting to make its appearance in soft drinks , both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, all over the world.

Precisely so that Hemp Herb , a newborn Italian brand specialized in the production of light cannabis and CBD products, has created an entirely Made in Italy gin with hemp flavour .

Cannabis Gin ”, this is the name of the drink, “is a unique distillate of its kind and represents a real innovation”, underline the producers, explaining that it is: “In line with the growing trend of hemp-based products and it is produced in collaboration with one of the major Italian distilleries and is aimed mainly at gin enthusiasts ".

This distillate was born from the passion of Filippo Giorgini and Bianca Ioppolo , founders of Hemp Herb - the Infinity Life company brand - and from their many years of experience in the field of food supplements, given that the family company has been producing and marketing for more than forty years phytotherapeutic products and natural cosmetics.

According to the creators, Cannabis Gin “is a balanced product, with an immediate hint of juniper , while that of hemp closes the aroma and flavour, without ever being preponderant. With an alcohol content of 40%, it emerges very well when mixed, particularly in gin and tonics , in which it works very well with different combinations, from the most citrusy to the most herbaceous, from the most summery to the most wintery".

This is a product aimed at all fans of this distillate, with a very interesting price range : we are talking about 39 euros, packaged in an elegant 700 ml transparent bottle and sold online on dedicated portals. During the Christmas holidays, it can represent an original gift idea .

One of the first alcoholic beverages created wasbeer , a product in which hemp inflorescences are used to give it the aroma (since it is a close relative of hops), with excellent production also in Italy, followed then by wine , although by law we cannot speak of wine but of a flavored drink based on wine and hemp. Then came the bitters (from Canapito to Calypso and Minos ).

And now it has also arrived in the first Italian gin, to be enjoyed alone or with cocktails with an infinite number of possible combinations.

The product will be presented publicly at the Canapa EXPO fair which will be held from 23 to 25 November at the Novegro Exhibition Park (Milan), and will be tasted by the curious at the Dolce Vita magazine stand (A11) on Saturday 24th at 5pm.

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