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Kush Vape CBD Vape pen, All 7 in 1 set, 1400mg CBD

Kush Vape CBD Vape pen, All 7 in 1 set, 1400mg CBD

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This solo KUSH CBD pen is practical and intuitive to operate: if you are looking for a quick way to take CBD easily without the damage of combustion, you have found the product for you!

Each of the pens contains 200 puffs, their design is slim and minimal, so as to be discreet and able to fit comfortably in your pocket. The best thing? You can take them out of your pocket whenever you want, wherever you want, because the scent they release will be rich in aromatic terpenes that will spread into your mouth and into the air.

In your head instead, you will feel all the properties of the 200MG of CBD contained in the pens. The hemp you will inhale is top quality: it comes from American strains grown without GMOs. Your negative thoughts will disappear without a trace among the clouds of smoke.

Thanks to this complete kit you will try all its flavours: let yourself be overwhelmed by this tool that makes life easier for many CBD consumers!

When 200 puffs are not enough for you and you want the pleasure to be prolonged, this kit arrives that contains every flavour: you will experience every nuance of these fantastic devices and all the absolute relaxation that will come afterwards!

MamaMary offers you everything you need for prolonged and tasty relaxation,


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